4 things the 'Boys don't have that the other playoff teams DO

So, after coming home on a flight filled with flu ridden a-holes who were hell bent on giving everyone on the plane their funk to watching the games from bed with a 102 fever and a few bowls of Jewish penicillin (matzo ball chicken soup to the laymen out there), here is my cursory observation of what all the winners have that Dallas does not.

(btw - does anyone understand how to contain a cold on a flight? It's logic 101 people. Real easy stuff. First you have to have a soul and a heart and - don't sneeze into the air duct or turn your head into the seat behind you..sheesh. Maybe those folks just don't care about the other guy - or small child. But that's a whole 'nother post right there - which I WILL write at some point.)

Now. Back to the main issues... what Dallas doesn't have that the other playoff teams do (except the Eagles, of course - they still suck).

1. A stud winner of a QB. Dallas falls behind by 4 TD's in a playoff game after our QB throws 3 INT's? Whatta ya think? Romo would have probably brought us back only to toss the game loser to the other team while driving for the game winning field goal. And, honestly, do you really think after 2 back surgeries in one year that we will have a better QB under center? This ain't the Million Dollar Man from the seventies, folks. He is what he is. Oh, how I opine for a QB who really understands how to handle himself under high playoff calibre pressure and not just some mid-season fireworks come from behind games against crap teams - Washington anyone? You feeling me? Maybe some of you don't but I'm just being honest, here.

2. A pass rusher!! Where is Ware? I have a sneaky feeling that the Ware we are all used to watching stepped off the bus around 2010. He just isn't the same player anymore. I mean, he even pulls a "Romo" at crucial times on defense! Anyone remember him jumping offsides the last couple of years for crushing penalties in big games? Or lining up in the neutral zone, which is becoming his m.o. in big games?? The scrubs we had this year were more exciting to watch and actually got some decent results! They seemed more hungry or something. I have been Ware's BIGGEST fan but every player see's his day come and, unfortunately, I think his has arrived.

3. Linebackers and defensive backs. Look, as much as I LOVE the potential of Sean Lee - for real, dude can't stay on the field and hasn't been able to since college. That was the knock on him coming out. We took a chance and that chance is smacking us in the choppers. Dallas needs what Dallas has always had, a durable every-game-no-matter-what player. Does anyone remember Darren Woodson or even Mel Renfro? (for the old timers in the room like myself - except I was a small child when Renfro was roaming) THAT type of player. They would have run circles around Sean Lee and everyone knows it. The Dallas Cowboys deserve another player of that durability and calibre. We are a SUPERBOWL franchise, not some mamby pamby cant play every game franchise! I wonder what Dallas could get for Sean Lee in a trade??? Just sayin'.

4. Moxie. A losing is not an option attitude from every player on the team. The starting QB, whether it's Romo or Orton simply cannot throw a bonehead INT when you are driving for the winning score. I'd rather, at this point, see the running back fumble. I'm tired of watching games go down like this! One thing I noticed about the teams this weekend (except the Eagles, of course, not buying the "blistering - cough" offense of that team) was how much fight they had in them till the very last buzzer. The Quarterbacks were just so pro. Even Rodgers in a losing effort. They just knew how to play under the brightest of lights. The teams had moxie.

So, there you have it. My opinion after the first week of playoffs. A few more passing thoughts... Time to start looking for a new QB. Jones doesn't think he needs to, but when has he ever done anything with forethought? I mean even the Jimmy Johnson hire was knee-jerk! Keep bringing in those defensive lineman and draft a few more - NOW. Linebackers who can stay on the field - for real, people! PLAYERS! Another receiver to replace Miles Austin. He has been another expensive bust. Nice job Jerry!

Who knows maybe Jerry will get lucky one of these years and win another one. I'd laugh out loud at the dumb luck and would gain an immense level of respect for his ability to blindly fall into good stuff. But, I'm not holding my breath.

Go Cowboys!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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