State of the roster 2014, Part II

This is the second installment of the current 2014 roster review.

Offensive Line, the issue we have here is all but 2 contracts expire after the 2014 year. Look for Dallas to draft at least one Offensive lineman in the first 4 rounds due to this. Although the D-line only has two signed past 2014 also. (Crawford, Kearse)

OT : Tyron Smith, $3.98mil, 2014

OT : Doug Free, $6.25mil, 2014

OT : Jeremy Parnell, $1.83mil, 2014

OT : Darrion Weems, $570k, 2014

Tryon Smith was a top 5 OT, has 3 years experience and is still only 23. He is the top off season priority to get signed before the 2014 year is up.

Doug Free acquitted himself well with the pay cut. He is currently 30 years old and still costs a decent amount. Getting a stud starting ROT in the draft would do the salary cap a world of good. And I'm not sure Dallas would risk another contract with Free when his play is so erratic year to year.

Jeremy Parnell was supposed to compete for the starting spot on the right side. But after getting injured early in the off season he never re-emerged. He has a tons of athletic potential. He just needs to put it all together. Which he may do for another team after 2014.

Darrion Weems is a bit of a dark horse. Dallas would like for him to win the swing tackle spot from Parnell. It would save over a million on the cap if he did. Weems has good intangibles to play the position. He just needs coached up more.

OG : Mackenzy Bernadeau, $4.57mil, 2015

OG : Ronald Leary, $495k, 2014

*OG : Brian Waters, $1.5mil, UFA

Big Mac actually played quite well this season after taking over for Waters. He could still be beat with a strong bull rush, but it didn't happen often. I don't expect for him to lose his spot unless Waters were to resign.

Ron Leary learned a ton this year. He got better with technique as the year went on. But he also got winded physically towards the end of the year. With some better conditioning and now with more experience, he should do well as long as his knees do not cause problems.

Brian Waters was amazing. It takes a special talent (Deion Sanders) to be able to play at the level he did without practicing in the off season. Even at his age, if he was healthy and wanted to play, Dallas should grab him for another year. His mentoring skills would be worth it alone.

C : Travis Frederick, $1.56mil, 2017

C : Phil Costa, $1.73mil, 2014

Travis Frederick should, by all rights, be in contention for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Seldom does a Center start his rookie year with success he had. He made the line calls starting the first pre season game. He played with power. He played with much more athleticism than many thought he had. If his career continues as it started, he will some day become and All Pro and possibly a HoFer.

The debates about whether Costa could be an effective starter should be quelled. As long a FredBeard does not get injured he will be relegated to back up duties. He should stick around for the next year as the inside flex guy. After 2014, that's another story.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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