Would you trade Dez??

In writing my last fanpost, I mentioned an argument for drafting a WR over a safety in the first (and no, if you didn't read it, I wasn't saying WR was my first choice, second choice or even third choice in the first round). I brought up that if we drafted a WR in the first, we could at least have some bargaining power when we're negotiating Dez's next contract. As you know, elite WRs make a mint. Look at the contracts guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson have landed. If Bryant has a career year, which is very likely under Linehan, could we even afford him and still field a decent team around hiim?

So that brings me to the initial question of this post. Would you trade Dez? Look at what we gave up for Roy Williams. Look what Seattle gave up for Percy Harvin. We could get a good amount for Dez in the final year of his contract. However, what if we didn't trade him for draft pick?. What if we traded him for one draft pick. As we all know, the Rams hold the second overall pick in the draft. We also know they need an elite WR. What if they agreed to trade the second overall pick for Dez Bryant and this year's first round pick? Would you go for it?

I'd have to think long and hard, but in the end, I may just have to say yes. This year's draft class is very deep at WR. We could probably land a very good WR in the second or third round while landing a once in a decade pass-rushing talent in Clowney with that second overall pick. I simulated the Dez trade scenario using by trading our first, the sixth that we don't have, but that site gives us, and our 2015 and 2016 first round picks (to represent Dez) in exchange for the second overall pick. Here's the results of that draft

Round 1 Pick 2 (STL): Jadeveon Clowney, DE
We now have one of the premier rushing talents in the league. Keep in mind, as good as Clowney is, he's only 20 (just like Tyron Smith was when we took him). Drafting Clowney allows us to move on from Ware if that's what we have to do. The best part may be that we would now have a premium player at a high salary position for a fraction of what we'd have to pay a veteran of lesser quality....for the next five years!

Round 2 Pick 16: Allen Robinson, WR
The last few years have shown us, with guys like Keenan Allen and T.Y. Hilton, that rookie receivers can make a big impact. Robinson is 6'3" and draws comparisons to Anquan Boldin from CBS. Bryant never stretched the field vertically and neither will Robinson. Although he won't come out of college and replace Dez, he's a quality WR with big upside. His contract will also be team friendly for the next four years. If you're not familiar with this guy, read up on him. He'll be a player in the league.

Round 3 Pick 15: DaQuan Jones, DT
We have Crawford and Bass to battle for the 3-tech and maybe we bring in Melton as well. Jones gives us a 320+lb 1-tech.

Round 4 Pick 19: Seantrel Henderson

Free can walk after 2014 with the selection of Henderson. This pick gives us a massive right tackle for the future and we ditch another veteran contract as of 2015.

Round 5 Pick 19: Christian Kirksey, OLB
I don't think people talk enough about this guy, but he's a quality linebacker who can battle for a starting job.

Round 7 Pick 14: Jay Bromley, DT
Bromley gives us additional depth for d-line rotation. If we don't expect he'll be there in the seventh, maybe we trade both seven rounders to move up and get him...we'll still have a few picks in the seventh with the comp picks.

Round 7 Pick 17: Aaron Lynch, DE
Developmental defensive end with nice upside. If he's not there, Ethan Westbrooks would do.

Round 7 Pick 23: Antone Exum, CB
At 6' and 220lbs, Exum could make a move to a centerfield-type safety.

The fact is, with Romo missing a lot of the off season (again) recovering from a back injury and the defense the way it is, this team has very little chance to win a Super Bowl in 2014. If a trade like this is worked out, it could be huge for the future of our team. Our roster would have a lot of youthful talent.

We can bring in a veteran like Danario Alexander, Josh Morgan, or Louis Murphy to go along with a receiver group of four very young and talented players.

Having Escobar and Hanna gives us two talented young TEs behind Witten.

Tyron Smith, Frederick, Leary, and Henderson along with possibly a 2015 second or third round guard could give us an impressive line for years.

This draft gives us a potential ROY at DE along with a developmental DE. Bass, Crawford, Jones, Bromley would transform an old and depleted line to a position of youthful strength.

Back seven
We still have a ways to go in the back seven, but you can't fix everything in one year. However, Church will have a full year as a starter under his belt. Wilcox, who only played safety for one year in college, now has a year of developing behind him. Heath has a year of developing behind him. Hopefully we play more man so Carr and Claiborne can blossom into the corners we were hoping for. Lee, Carter, Holloman, Wilbur and Kirksey are all young players. Maybe we need another linebacker or two if Carter doesn't "get it", but it could look worse.

It's not a team that will be built to win now, but it's a team that would develop into an annual contender starting in 2015.

We would dodge a huge pay day for Dez and have enough to pay Tyron Smith the price tag he'll command. We may even be able to pay Murray if he has a good year and if not, we get his replacement in 2015. By the time the first contracts of these young guys are up, we'll be out of Romo's contract and the cap hell we're in.

This is just a scenario I wanted to throw out there to cause some trouble during the silly season. Do not take this post as my saying I want Dez gone. I own a Dez jersey. My oldest son owns a Dez jersey. I love having him on the team because he brings a fire that reminds me of the Playmaker. That is the thing I'd hate most about losing him. This is just a "What If" to hear your opinions/ideas.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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