Buyer BeWARE: The Solution to the Cowboys/ D-Ware Cap Problem

The truth is simple, and yet it sucks. DeMarcus Ware restructured his contract (I believe twice), and that led to him pushing most of his money to the back end. By him doing this, it meant, he played for less those years (put aside the I would happy to play for that much money, or I would take less, or he should be grateful, etc, etc; I'd wager that nobody on this site has talent comparable to DeMarcus Ware).



So, now, in order for him to see the money that he was originally promised, means that he would have to force the Cowboys to cut him, because as we can all probably agree, he didn't do much last year to show that he's worth that price. I personally am of the school of thought that it was more injuries than anything else, and if rehabbed correctly, and if we get some depth at the DL, those things can be alleviated. But, for the purposes of this article, that's really neither here or there...

And now the Cowboys and Ware have each other pushed into a corner. The Cowboys don't want, and quite frankly, can't really afford to pay him his contract price, and if D-Ware wants to see the money his contract promised, then he will have to be cut.

I see a third option, and probably not one that will fall in favor with many of you, and this is extend his contract. A year or even two. Now, before you go ballistic, hear me out.

This would 1) allow Ware to get the money in his original contract, and 2) allow Ware to get all of his money. How you ask? Well, frankly, I think its pretty simple: This would lower the cap figure by taking that total sum and dividing it into four seasons instead of two (you would obviously have to add some money), but you can add the base salary of the two year extension as $1mil a year. It would look like this:

Ware is scheduled to make $16,003,750 in 2014, and $17,503,750 in 2015. That comes out to $33,507,500. Now, say you add a two year extension for $2million ($1mil a piece), while restructuring the terms (redistribution). So that comes out to $35,507,500. Now, instead of dividing $33mil over two years ($16m+$17mil) you have $35mil over 4 years ($16m+$17m+$1m+$1m), and all of a sudden, viola, his cap figure comes out to $8,876,875 a year!

You've CUT HIS CAP NUMBER in half, AND Ware gets his money. I think thats a win/win situation for the team and for Ware. 1) If the team cuts him later on the hit will be less, and 2) in Ware's case, given his age, he will never see more than $8million a year, so I think he would gladly take (throw in some incentives in year three and four if you must).

The Cowboys essentially get Ware an extra two years for a little bit more than what it would cost them to cut him, and we as fans will be able to see one of the greatest players in Cowboys (and league history), retire as a Cowboy.

Play with the numbers how ever you want, but there is your solution to the cap problem. Frankly, I'm surprised more NFL teams don't do this.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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