I had a vision...

Ok so at this time of year in the pacific northwest a vision can be misconstrued as the sun peeking through the clouds. Regardless a vision of a drastically different Cowboys team came to me and I would like to share with you fine folk, whom I've lurked for years.

I'm not sure how the off-season cap management unfolds but I will offer that Demarcus Ware is still a member of the Cowboys in this imaginative narrative. Miles Austin, Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer and a few others are not. Imaginative is the key word as well as until after free agency the following paragraphs are moot.

We begin in May 2014...

A favorite by the name of Donald is long gone when it is our time to answer the call. However we have a plan unexpected to all that involves speed and defenders quick to the ball. At our time, a neighbor intrigues with a deal we are quick to receive and strike an additional pick in the third round for moving merely to number 20. Our needs abound and with the pick we debate best need, player, or excitement. We find a result that no one saw coming but answers McClay's call for speed speed speed. With the 20th pick in the NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys Select Justin Gilbert. A play-making corner with speed for days that dramatically increases turnover margin and by association big plays. A corner not needed until you see that a previous number 1 being moved to a position of need makes Justin Gilbert a steal indeed. I give you Mo Claiborne being a perfect Free Safety. Ball hawking skills and a low confidence lets turn him around to make plays on the ball and disrupt the offense.

One pick in the bag on to round two and I think an Easley will do although that is pending medical review. If it is a fail a Sutton will do too.

On to the third and with their first of two picks the Cowboys select a name whom they know and bodes very well. Smith is who they claim out of Florida State a rangy and fast Will LB he will make. A Tyrano-Smith for the offense so why not a Telvin Smith for the D. Carter moves over to compete with Wilber and Halloman backs up Lee. A position as important as ever might I add. Deja Vu sets in with pick number 2 as Smith the 2nd another Marcus for DE. Blazing off the line with a living legend to coach him Marcus meets Demarcus and together...SACKS. (In this scenario strong side end is played in concert by Selvie and Crawford)

Onto the fourth and building of depth we take Reid of Princeton and have a new pass rushing 1-tech.

The 5th brings Jordan Tripp and depth is set at least two deep through the front seven. (Ware/Smith, Easley/Bass, Hayden/Reid, Selvie/Crawford, T Smith/Tripp, Lee/Halloman, Carter/Wilber). On to the seventh and selections abundant.

The picks fly rapidly and at the end of the day the selections the Boys make serve to make weight. We gain Larry Webster and Jay Bromley to round out a rotation. A Joe Don Duncan to simply keep a tradition. Henry Josey to play with a determination unseen. A fast receiver known as Jeff Janis and a teammate of Heath who is now known as our special teams chief. Last but not least a need as any a Guitton to guide us as back up QB.

Sorry for the rhyme scheme these northwest IPA's will take you for a ride. With this we have found speed and explosion per round for sure to make McClay's day. Also not mentioned earlier we replace Parnell with Weems and for the first time in years consistency in starters on the O-line is found...only for a year.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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