25 years later---An Awesome Honeymoon But A Marriage Gone Bad

I have been reflecting back now we are in the 25th season in the Jerry era. It has been such a double edged sword.

I can tell you 25 years ago while I was very excited to bring in Jimmy Johnson. I sure didn't see 3 Championships coming.

I grew up with Landry legend but was excited about Jimmy. My father had always told me that old legends never die but new ones are born every day. Jimmy was to become my new legend along with a slew of new players. I was pumped.

I renewed my season tickets after letting them go a few years earlier in disgust with Bum Bright even signing up for the new Dallas Cowboys Travel club going on the road staying at the team hotels and meeting Jerry, Jimmy, the players attending the inaugural game in New Orleans,several that season and beyond including 12 games in 89 and every Camp in Texas thereafter.

But now I sit here 25 years later wondering if those 3 championships were worth what we have become?

And why I think it is best defined as a love/hate relationship much like a good marriage gone bad.

We had an unbelievable honeymoon and the passion delivered some wonderful kids we wouldn't want to give back but somewhere along the line this marriage became more about one person and their selfishness which has disrupted and made the relationship almost unbearable at times with them flaunting themselves in front of everyone embarrassing our family for all to see.

We have attempted to force the issue and there have even been some admitted denial but in the end one side is determined to fulfill their own agendas and fantasies which will continue to place a strain on the relationship.

2007 playoff game was my last attended game at Texas Stadium closing out 36 years for me there in the only house we have been a World Champion. Jerry world was not in my plans not only because of almost ten folds the price but PSL's and mostly because of jerry's obvious agendas which have overtaken his initial promise to us on 2-25-1989 that he would do everything within his own power to field a winning team. Staying on as GM and not hiring more proven HC's is NOT doing everything in his power.

But a marriage is for better or worse and until death does us part. Unfortunately Jerry's era will forever be a controversy between good and bad and history may not reflect on him as favorable as it could have.

We just hope it doesn't tarnish the history of our family and the next generation can recoup the glory which once was before the sudden success overcame Jerry's better judgment.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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