FA Targets

This is a list of Free Agents that should be available on the cheaper side. Any would fill a need for Dallas.

WR : Andre Roberts, 26

WR : Danario Alexander, 26

WR : Mario Manningham, 28

Any of those 3 would be nice #3 receivers that could step up to the #1/2 spot if necessary. Roberts is fast enough to be that guy to take the top off for our other WR's. Alexander and Manningham are both big lanky guys with long strides. Alexander has the most upside to his game. Roberts has value as a returner / ST player. Manningham is what he is, he has peaked already.

OT : Eben Britton, 26

OT : J'Marcus Webb, 26

OT : Bruce Campbell, 26

3 under achievers. Of the 3, Britton would be a nice replacement for Free after next year. Britton might be a little too expensive. Webb might be worth a low risk flyer. If he takes his head out of his rectum, he could be a viable RT. Campbell could be the game day swing tackle that also can play guard. Of the 3, Campbell offers the most value as a back up but has the potential, if harnessed, to be a better RT than Free ever was.

OG : Vladimir Ducasse, 26

Here is a guy that has under performed his whole career. Could a change of scenery with new coaching put him back on track? Another low risk, high reward guy that should come cheap.

LB : Dekoda Watson, 26

LB : Brandon Spikes, 26

Watson is much better at play recognition than Carter. He would be an immediate Weak side upgrade and should be fairly inexpensive. Spikes may be asking for too much on his 2nd contract after being drafted in the 2nd. But he has never really excelled and is not really worth a large contract.

DE : Everson Griffin, 26

Here is a guy who has tons of athletic ability, but has off field problems. If Rod and company could put his head on straight and tap his potential, he could be amazing. He could come cheap due to his issues or could demand too much money due to his potential.

There we have it. A couple Free Agents that might be worth looking into. These guys could change our draft strategy. Noticeably missing, Cornerbacks, Safetys and Defensive Tackles. There really were no CB's or S's worth taking a chance on. The draft looks like a better option for either. As for DT's, something funny is happening. The best ones available are all too old. It seems this was the year for the above 28 crowd to step up at DT. Thankfully the draft is flooded with talent there this year.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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