Tough Decisions To Make For Cowboys- What Is Our Plan?

We need to make some tough decisons this off season with some of our veterans with declining performance either because of age or recurring increased injuries who are preventing us from having more depth on our roster because of their cap strains on us so when injuries occur we can be in a better position to overcome.Using players who couldn't make other NFL rosters like we did on DL was unprecendented in Cowboys history. Wow!

Do we keep Ware? If it doesn't bring enough relief to Cap I say hang on to him unless we can work a trade. Have to let Hatcher go. He will bring a big contact in FA and one with his age which has burned us in the past. Thanks to Hatcher and we wish him well but is part of todays NFL. And I will say he may have looked stronger with a depleted DL otherwise? Spencer may still be obtainable as his injured season defintely will lower his FA price tag and we know he can play if healthy.Selvie and Hayden may be suitable backups in the rotation but remember neither could make another NFL roster. And still an outside chance for Brent to return after his prison sentence which will be up by Camp if no suspension is given but our DL should be our focus in draft and off season while LB is not too far behind with Carter still a big qustion mark while a healthy Lee appears solid and Durant not as questionable as Carter but a concern?

A Safety in draft should also be looked at but I believe an upgraded DL which could provide a pass rush or more havoc and disruption at LOS would lend support to our secondary. Carr appears solid and look forward to see what a healthy Claiborne could bring for an entire season.

We need to get the Dez deal done soon as well. I feel with some of Dez's discipline issues he may not be worth as much in FA like a Calvin for example and why he shouldn't bust the bank as much while having his 1st Pro Bowl season. Most teams wouldn't want a player who walks off the field:) Smith is one contract we may need to look at with his rookie contract coming up in 2015. His 1st pro Bowl season he now doubt is a keeper and Murrays will be coming up as well in 2015 and why we have to get our cap cleaned up making tough decisions. Our #1 focus should be on upgrading our defense especially in the draft. I'd say a minimum of 5 of the 7 picks on defense while still looking to add an OL or two but could be lower in draft.

No need for QB, TE, WR and or RB in this draft. If we release Miles which we better then we can always find a bargain in FA or a walk on FA to shore up roster for we have several WR on roster to fill the role. Williams appears to be the man.And at RB Dunbar to me was the brightest star last camp and what brief glimpses we saw could add enough along with a healthy Murray who finally looks to be our guy with some support or relief which will help him stay on the field hopefully.

TE..OMG, surely not another one as we need to get Escobar more involved as he showed some glimpses of big play ability. And with Romo under guaranteed contract thru 2015 and Orton 2014 this is NOT the year to draft our next franchise QB with so many other needs. 2015 or 2016 may be soon enough. We need to rebuild this team so when we do our new QB can step in. Romo obviously is enough to keep us going until then providing some hope with an upgraded roster while Orton illustrated is servicable if we are in need.

The teams with the most success this Cap era like the Pats seem to know when to cut loose and continue rebuilding thru the draft since those inital 4 year rookie contracts afford much more flexibility and affordability while leaving cap room for more depth on the roster so in an emergency or sudden injury you can go to FA with Cap room if needed. Adding more FA will only slow the process IMO at this time because of our Cap issues when I still don’t believe we are as close to contending in the strongest conference with the best defenses.

Time to get a plan at Valley Ranch and cleaning up our cap and making sound draft decisions addressing our weaker areas of concern is IMO the answer if we truly want to get back or at least catch up to the more elite teams in our conference. And it won’t happen in one season for we are further away than being in the NFC Least perception presents. Just look at our record against conferences in the NFC North which is considered not a very strong division either and we didn’t even have to face two of their starting QB’s. Playing the NFC West we will be exposed even more and we have a second place schedule next year. We need to be prepared to bite the bullet in 2014 and focus on what we could become in 2015 and 2016.

Problem is Jerry’s plan is always for this season selling hope to the fanbase so fans will be invested financially and emotionally. It’s difficult selling next years model on the showroom floor when you don’t have them in stock:) And I believe why Jerry has never muttered the words "Rebuild" because it doesn't sell hope for the current season. But that should be the plan since to clean up our mess if we truly want to contend more strongly with the top teams in NFC in the near future. Otherwise it will be basically more of the same with perhaps a smaller window of opportunity like a play -in game for our weak division which will again be exposed in playoffs .

That said a few impact draft picks on defense with a healthy Ware, Spencer ,etc on DL with any draft additions on defense which could provide more of an immediate upgrade which shouldn't be too difficult with the 32nd ranked defense along with a 5th scoring offense we could squeak out a division title while still not being ready to seriously contend against the more elite NFC teams.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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