Is this Cowboys forum always so Quiet?

I have been a member of the fan forum on the official Dallas Cowboys web site owned by Jerry since 2008 with almost 15,000 post:))

I am a longtime diehard fan going back to the Cotton Bowl years and season ticket holder at Texas Stadium. I have been very fortunate going back to my uncle playing with Lilly at TCU and all of the personal connections I had those early years of players like the original Doomsday defense,meeting Roger his rookie season and Landry. Used to greet the players at airport as kid when they returned from road games and went to some of their sports bars when of age.Then in 1989 joining Cowboys Travel Club staying at the same team hotels on the road meeting Jerry, Jimmy and most of that teams players.

I was a season ticket holder but when the new stadium was announced like many old diehards refused to purchase PSL's and the tenfold increased ticket prices basically paying for a parking space what I used to for a ticket. And I feared and warned that this new stadium once Jerry won his lawsuit for stadium sponsorship might change the culture not needing simply the local fanbase for the teams revenue success.

My agenda for years has been attacking Jerry:)) But beyond that am still hopeful being a homer regardless but NOT a blind homer. Many times my attitudes resemble that of local longtime beat writer Randy Galloway and TV anchor Dale Hansen who I have followed since their arrival in DFW area.But Not always.

Anyway, there have been a few members on that suggested this site since I have been complaining that site had become full of oppossing fans posing as Cowboys fans instigating the true Cowboy fans.Way too many casual and wagon Cowboy fans as well who lack the football knowledge basically relying on ESPN , NFL Network and national media coverage and analysis instead of following the Dallas Morning News and Ft Worth Telegram beat writers which I have for over 40 years along with the media of local TV anchors and ESPN Dallas now with the Fan on radio.And basically watching all of the games drawing their own conclusions . I have not missed watching a Cowboy game since at least 1965.

There also is a writer here who is a good friend of my longtome Cowboy friend for about 50 years now so I wanted to come check this site out.I'd also be interested in writing. My 1st paper was in my Freshman English Literature class writing on my experience of attending my 1st Super Bowl(which Lilly provided us his personal tickets) titled " I Was There" which I recieved an A- on. She read to her classes and published in school paper. She said I would have recieved an A+ with my passion but too many prepositional phrases had to mark off for.LOL

This appears to be a great site with much more detailed threads and more informed members while being more professional written threads.But I long for more interaction!

The 24 hour waiting period probably also prevents some of the riff raff we recieve on the other site but the lack of activity here is a concern . Am I missing something or is it just because of offseason? Thanks Greg

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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