State of the team and predictions.

Dallas is in a horrible position with the salary cap and what makes it worse is the players that are hurting the cap the most have so much guaranteed money that they can't be cut. Carr is a perfect example. He is overpaid now but he will be even more overpaid in the future.


1. We will draft a WR earlier than expected and it is for a reason that few expect. Tron and Dez both need new contracts but we can't afford them both. Tron has to be kept. Dez is the odd man out. It is going to hurt to see him go.

2. We will not draft a CB. Many of us would love to see a CB drafted and this is a year when there are a lot of good prospects but we can't go there. Carr, Claiborne and Scandrick all have contracts with too much dead money to release any of them until 2016 when Claiborne's rookie contract is over. The only possible way a CB will be drafted is if it is a late round with an aim towards replacing Webb or play special teams.

3. Ware will be cut and Austin will be cut. We will be paying both to play against us as they will still count against the cap but at least we can get some relief. Some team with a lot of cap room will get some great deals as we are not the only team that needs to cut high priced vets to get under the cap. As much as we will be paying Ware to play against us some team will probably be able to sign him cheap and even though he isn't the dominating player he once was the team that signs him will get a great deal. A team like the Raiders with a lot of cap room could make several additions of cap casualty players and see a dramatic improvement in their team quickly.

4. Hatcher and Spencer will be playing for the Redskins. It just seems like a Snyder move and he has some cap space. As much as we would like to keep Spencer on a small deal, if there is any chance that he could be recovered from injury the price will exceed anything we can pay.

5. Several backup players will be cut. the Costas and Parnells of the world will be cap casualties. We need to do the same with Orton but with Romo's injury situation we simply can't.

6. We will have a great draft. We likely will have 11 picks including comps and I suspect it will be more because Jerry will be looking to trade down for two reasons. Lower round players count less against the cap and we need to replace a bunch of cap casualties. But the draft will be great. A young stud WR, More LB's than are expected, several D-linemen, and more O-linemen than expected as we need to replace the depth that is going to be axed.

7. The youth infusion will prove to be a good decision as there will be growing pains and they wont be as good as the players they are replacing in their rookie years but optimism in the youth will be there. Despite the great draft the team will take a step backwards as the rookies will not be as good as the players they are replacing. I think we go 5 and 11. It's a tough schedule next year with us having a 2nd place schedule and playing the NFC west.

8. Murray has his best year yet and ends up playing for a competitor in 2015 as we will still be in cap hell in 2015.

9. Romo's contract will be restructured pushing more money into future years. It was designed for that. He will be on the team for years to come. After restructuring, there will be no way we can get out from under the contract for a long time. I sure hope he remains healthy and plays at a high level as he ages. The foreseeable future hinges on a few key players with long term contracts that can't be cut due to cap space. Romo, Carr, Lee, Scandrick, Tron after new contract, Some of them have injury issues and others haven't lived up to their contracts. Hopefully both change.

10. Eventually the league will increase the salary cap and it will provide some relief for us but while we will be able to survive under the new cap other teams will be able to improve because of it. Other teams will learn from our mistakes and the trend of the Huge QB contracts will end. Teams like Seattle, San Fran etc. will tell their QB's we love you and we want to keep you but we don't want to destroy our future by giving you a huge contract.

11. It will be an interesting few years as we see former Cowboys scattered around the league, many of them still counting against our cap. We will have a younger team and it will be fun watching them grow and develop but it will likely be years before they develop to the point that we are serious contenders and it is likely that about the time they do our aging core will be on the downswing so maybe the process takes even longer but some day we will be back in contention.

12. 2014 will show us losing a lot of high scoring games. Our offense will be good as long as Romo is healthy. As previously stated, we will be adding another young stud receiver. We will still have Dez(for this year) and Twill. Witten will still be good and Escobar will show growth and improvement. Murray will have a career year and Dunbar will finally add that extra dimension we have hoped for. The o-line is improving and I think will be even better as Leary is replaced by a draft pick and becomes depth. The 5 games we win will be by simply outscoring teams. The defense will be worse. Young d-linemen will be good and in a few years potentially great but no DT we draft will be better than Hatcher this year. Our young LB's will show signs of brilliance but it will take time for them to put it all together. The DE that replaces Ware will probably be about as effective as Ware was last year. Pass rushing will still be a problem. The secondary will still be exposed. Other teams that don't have the salary cap issues we do will improve their teams by adding solid FA proven vets along with their draft picks. That combined with our 2nd place schedule and facing the NFC west makes us a 5-11 team despite being about as good as we were last year.

13. What could change the current situation? Romo, Carr, Witten, Ware, Lee, Free(yes I know he already took a cut but he still has a huge cap hit) and others could walk into Jerry's office and say, "we want to take pay cuts." We want to win! Obviously, this wont happen.

Bash Away!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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