I'm finished pushing my Round 1 selection agenda - as should you be; So, who are the Cowboys likely to select?

As a semi-daily frequenter of BTB, I read a lot of posts about who the Cowboys should select at 16. That's all good and well - and it's nice to read different perspectives of the bloggers here, but lately I see too much table pounding for one specific player. To paraphrase, it usually reads something like this:

Dallas should pick Aaron Donald at 16. He's the best scheme fit for what Marinelli wants in a 3 tech "rushman".

I could get into how subjective of a statement that is, but I won't because it would be an unproductive manifesto here. Instead, I want to take a more productive aim in narrowing focus on a few of the likely candidates to be Cowboys next year, as well as get the thoughts of the BTB readers.

Overall, I think I'm about done mocking and advocating who I think Dallas should select at 16. Rather, I think at this point it would be more productive in being objective and trying to predict who they're likely to select when factoring in the big picture. Absent of all of the "what ifs" and trade up or down scenarios, if selecting at 16, I can see only the following people as possibilities of being selected.

In order of likelihood I'm leaning the following way:

1) Zach Martin - Of all of these players, the only guy I feel certain will be available at 16; he would be the starting left guard next year I think. Mike Mayock, who's had the privilege of watching every one of his 52 collegiate starts has been paraphrased as saying at the next level he's a reliable starter at OT, but future ALL PRO at OG. It makes too much sense.. we're oh so close to having that OL we all have desired for a few years now. Imagine if they brought Waters back for 1 more year... this line would arguably be the best in the league.

Tyron Smith / Zach Martin / Travis Frederick / Brian Waters / Doug Free

2) Aaron Donald - As the darling of Cowboys fan community, everyone would love the pick. Would go a long way in helping to mitigate the loss of Hatcher's production and could potentially be the 3 tech of the future. Problem is, it's no longer just the Cowboys who can see Donald wearing their colors. He could very easily be selected by any of 2-3 teams prior to 16. If taken, the middle pass rush is immediately upgraded. He'd likely rotate with Crawford providing a deadly rotation of fresh legs at 3 tech.

3) CJ Mosley - If 3 tech is the engine that makes the Marinelli defense go, the MLB is the man who's driving it. Mosley is far and away the best 43 MLB in the draft according to most. If selected the LB rotation could look something like this:

WLB: Lee/Carter/Holloman

MLB: Mosley/Lee/Holloman

SLB: Carter/Wilber/Holloman

With the discussions of late of the Cowboys' interest in Wesley Woodyard, I can see them looking towards the mid-late rounds to address LB needs. However if he falls to them, there will be serious discussion about taking him, as Sean Lee's inability to stay on the field has got to be a serious concern.

Well, how about you guys? Who are your top 3 possibilities?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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