Let's face it, the Cowboys are not going to sign a blue chip free agent. For one reason or another (mostly salary cap) the Cowboys are going to try to hit another home run in the draft, and fill some depth issues through free agency. I have suggested many of these already but no one ever responds with anything to say about these individuals, probably because they're always written on posts regarding Melton or somebody else who we are actually looking at.

However, these are some players I feel would help us win now and hopefully for one reason or another come in at a decent price.


Champ is getting old, this is true. However, there is always one great solution for aging corners… move them to safety. We happen to have a hole at that FS position, where we wouldn't like to use top draft picks to fix it, but we aren't currently 100% about our options.

Champ undeniably has ball skills and while is no longer an elite CB, he could possibly step in and be an elite FS.


Whichever comes cheaper. We lack a bruising rotational back. We have a speedster in Dunbar, a franchise guy in Murray, but both of these guys offer bruisers for wearing down opposing Ds, of course, this assumes that we would use them. Best one goes first and sets the market for the other, who we sign for less than a million. Michael Bush likely. I would like to think that we will run the ball more effectively next year… with more wear and tear from more runs, it would be nice to deflect some of those blows away from Murray.

Getting creative, I would love to see a shotgun split backs heavy formation where our tight ends line up wide, and the backfield features Lance Dunbar and Michael Bush. If the D comes out stacking the box we throw a screen to Dunbar, if they don't we run it with Bush.


I would put this in a similar category to FS as a position of need that we don't necessarily want to use a high draft pick on. Again, I could be wrong, we could very well take a WR high… however, with the strong WR corps in the draft, a player like Avant is going to see his value plummet plenty. We should be there to give him a less than a million dollar contract and pick up a veteran receiver who could step in if T Will or Bryant were injured for a couple of games.


Hartsock will not command a large salary, and was the TOP RANKED BLOCKING TIGHT END throughout a large portion of the year. I don't know his final numbers, but that is quite a performance in my opinion. Hopefully running the ball will become a priority to take pressure off of our D. Hartsock would help and garnish a small small salary.


his age is bound to drive his price down, and while DeMarcus left to a high price, Peppers, a couple years older, could likely be had at two to three million dollars a year.


Only character issue is too much ganja. Aging guy, maybe he is too expensive, but would give us a lot of veteran leadership cough cough…. maybe not.

That's my list. I see these all as possibilities and I also see that with a strong thrifty approach in free agency coupled with a home run in the draft we could certainly see our chances of 9 wins increased.

whatcha think buddies

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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