In through the out door. Don't let it hit ya where the sun don't shine!

Does anyone remember that song? For the good times? A little lament about the good ole’ days when wine poured freely and youth was taken for granted? That’s the feeling I get when I see DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher leave via free agency, two old coots riding out in a blaze of glory signing with two teams desperate for something, anything. The Denver Broncos hoping they are one great player away from not being blown out and humiliated by a younger more aggressive team in the biggest game of the season and the Washington Redskins simply, well, desperate at this point.

Then there is the Dallas Cowboys. A team that may be finally figuring this all out and not making the knee jerk moves failing teams make all the time. Dallas, a team that finally saw the writing on the wall with Ware and sadly set the old timer free. Torn up body and all. I loved and hated Ware’s presser praising his old team while at the same time explaining away why he could not perform at his old level the past – gulp – two years. One year, an aberration? Two years, well, we’ll see. He certainly played hard all those years in Dallas and we all watched it take its toll. For the good times. Good luck Ware, until we see you in the ring. Good luck!

And while I’m not so much sad to see Ware leave because of what he might have brought to the team, I am sad to see him go and know the wasted years he spent in Dallas while the owner whittled away shooting blanks at shiny objects that caught his eye. What could Ware have accomplished had he had a disciplined owner and head coach to put a great team around him? We’ll never know and he’ll never know. That’s a bummer.

Hatcher. Good for him that he found a suck…, I mean a suitor that would step up to the plate and overpay for an old pass rushing specialist with one good year on his very foggy resume. In the league a long time, pass rushing ace – one year. He had a great year last year. Marinelli knows how to coax brilliance out of fodder, an amazing talent that guy – Marinelli, that is. No sour grapes here, no, this fan just sees it like it is. A great coach we are very, VERY lucky to have on our team. Have fun, Hatch! You got paid! Go pop some bubbly and buy yourself a new car. You earned it!

I’m also not sad to see Hatcher go because, honestly, I only saw one very good season from him in a down year for the defense. Eh – yawn. I had really never yelled his name at the TV until this year. Hatch! We never knew ya! And we never will.

So, where do we all go from here? Well, for sure we will all see a much younger defense next year. I really don’t think Dallas will pull a Washington and go after an old guy to save the franchise and that’s exciting to finally see. They will do what they do in free agency and the draft and get younger guys without the accolades and Rod will take them and build him some more all-pros. We’ve seen it before with this guy.

Onward with this exciting youth movement. I’m excited to see Marinelli take some young guys with potential and turn THEM into stars for the Dallas Cowboys. The team is heading in the right direction. And remember this – if the Cowboys had wanted either of those players – really deeply needed and wanted them, Jerry Jones would have made it happen. That speaks volumes on the direction this team is headed – finally.

Ahhhh, for the good times, indeed. We’ll see. It just feels right somehow, though.

Go Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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