Getting to know the "Swarming Rotation" we currently have.

DE/OLB : Tristan Okpalaugo : 6'4" 260lbs. 24yrs old.

He played his college ball for Fresno State bio. He went from 8.5 sacks in 2012 as a DE to 11.5 in 2013 as an OLB. He went to Miami as an UDFA in 2013. He was sub-sequentially released due to being buried on the depth chart. He was picked up by the Vikings where he spent the rest of 2013. He is very athletic. Long and lean, considered a tweener by most. Kevin Nogle at the Phinsider did this great write up on him last year Dolphins Roster Breakdown, Tristan Okpalaugo. He is the sort of guy that could really take off playing in a rotation for Marinelli.

Pro Day Results

Height: 6046
Weight: 245
40 Yrd Dash: 4.74
20 Yrd Dash: 2.75
10 Yrd Dash: 1.70
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 14
Vertical Jump: 32
Broad Jump: 09'03"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.39
3-Cone Drill: 7.42

He has some crazy other measurements: 10 3/8" hands, 36 5/8" arms, 83 2/8" wingspan. Um, holy moly. For comparison's sake, D.J. Fluker has 36 3/8" arms and 87" wingspan as per ROFLCOPTER16/@FAILCOPTER16.

DE : Caesar Rayford : 6'7" 267lbs. 28yrs old.

He played his college ball with Washington. He never really played other than ST in college. He had some reps at DE, but they never amounted to more playing time. After college he was taken by the Detroit Lions as an UDFA in 2008. He was released prior to the season. In 2009 his illustrious AFL career began. As a pass rush specialist in the AFL & AFL2 he was a force. In 4 years he amassed these numbers :

Tackles : 57

Sacks : 28.5

Passes Batted : 16

Forced Fumbles : 9

Interceptions : 2

In 2013 The Colts decided to take a flyer on him. He was a bright spot in the preseason. He showed real pass rush potential. But the Colts could ill afford a roster spot for him. He was placed on the PS. As the year wore on and Dallas' Defensive line fell like leaves in the Fall, we poached him. He is not an every down player. But he could be an amazing rotational pass rusher. He should fit well in Marinelli's scheme.

DE : George Selvie : 6'4" 270lbs. 27yrs old.

He played his college ball for the University of South Florida. He had a very good college career. He holds the Big East Conference record for tackles for a loss, with 31.5 in 2007. He is also the record holder for sacks, tackles for loss and sacks in a season for USF.

Pro Day results:

Height: 6043
Weight: 250
40 Yrd Dash: 4.93
20 Yrd Dash: 2.78
10 Yrd Dash: 1.67
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 24
Vertical Jump: 30.5"
Broad Jump: 09'01"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.63
3-Cone Drill: 7.48

Selvie was selected 226th overall in the 7th round by the St. Louis Rams in 2010. He bounced around the league with stops at Carolina, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay before being gobbled up by Dallas.

As a starter in 2013 he had his breakout year. 45 tackles, 7 sacks, a PD and a FF. He is a very high motor guy. With a coach like Marinelli, he will continue to improve. It's a safe bet he will be the SDE starter.

DE : Jeremy Mincey : 6'4" 265lbs. 30yrs old.

He played his college ball in Florida. I'm not going to get into much of his past. He is 30 years old. What he did 10 years ago is irrelevant at this point in his career. He has been a late bloomer though. Much like Selvie. 2011 was his breakout year. He had 8 sacks as the starting LDE for the Jags that year. He started all 16 games in 2012 also. He lost his starting job in 2013 and was released in December. He was picked up by the Broncos and was part of the AFC Champion team.

I don't know what he has left in his tank. Maybe Rod, Monte and Leon have some tricks to bring him back to that 2011 level. If they do, he will offer another nice rotational player that has experience playing the weak and strong side.

DT / DE : Ben Bass : 6' 5" 294lbs. 24yrs old.

He played his college ball at Texas A&M. He was an UDFA for Dallas in 2012. He only ever started 3 games in college. His pro career has shown promise in the preseason. After moving from the PS to the active roster in 2012 to replace injured Kenyan Coleman, he spent 1 month with the team before hr ended up on IR also. After having another impressive preseason, he separated his shoulder in September and ended up on IR again.

If he can stay healthy and improve upon the play he had in 2 preseasons, he will be an intriguing part of the rotation for Dallas. Ben can play all 4 defensive positions. But his real potential will show as a situational 3 tech.

DE / DT : Tyrone Crawford : 6'4" 302lbs. 24yrs old.

He played his college ball at Boise State. He had 27 tackles for a loss and 18 sacks in 2 years. Even with a diagnosed heart murmur, Dallas still took him 81st overall in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft. He played sparingly in 2012. Appearing in all 16 games, but mostly on ST. His 2013 was derailed by, what for it, a season ending injury! I can't believe a defensive linemen got injured, whoah is me.

Coming off an Achilles injury, the Cowboys are expecting very big things from him in 2014. Crawford was asked to bulk up for 2013. He went from 285lbs in 2012 to a little over 300lbs in 2013. This could have been a contributing factor to his injury. He is still currently at about 300lbs. This leads me to believe Dallas is going to try to use him as a hybrid 1 / 3 tech DT and or SDE. Hopefully the coaches find where he needs to play early.

DT Nick Hayden : 6'4" 301lbs. 28yrs old.

I'm not even going to get into him as a player. We all saw the tape from last year. His best quality is his durability. He is a situational back up 1 tech at best. Upgrading him should be the easiest part to the dismal line for 2014.

DT : Frank Kearse : 6'5" 310lbs. 25years old.

He played his college ball at Alabama A&M. For his bio write up, look here : Carolina Panthers.

He looks like someone that Dallas will be looking at as a replacement for Hayden. He has the strength and size to man the 1 tech. He is the guy I know the least about. There is plenty out there on the web. But no real "scout" type information. Good or bad, he is a complete dark horse prospect.

DT : Terrell McClain : 6'2" 293lbs. 25yrs old.

He played his college ball for the University of South Florida (George Selvie's alma mator). He played as a true 1 tech at USF. He was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft 65th overall by the Panthers. After stints in Carolina, New England and Houston, here he is. Most pun-dents are saying he is a camp body.

His combine and pro days excelled him into the 3rd round.

Height: 6015
Weight: 297
40 Yrd Dash: 4.85
20 Yrd Dash: 2.81
10 Yrd Dash: 1.67
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 29
Vertical Jump: 28
Broad Jump: 08'08"
20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.56

Look for Coach Rod to try to get him in the mix as a 3 tech tweener type player.

And there we have it folks. That is the current Defensive linemen that Dallas has available. Whether we like it or not, 2 good draft picks, like Donald and Jeffcoat, could make this line very good to excellent. The pieces are here. They just need to stay healthy. I expect big things with Rod taking over for Monte. And the real value coach has been Leon Lett. He has been amazing with cast offs and young guys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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