Cowboys News & Notes: Dallas Now A Winner In Free Agency With Henry Melton

DCC react to Melton signing - Ronald Martinez

To paraphrase Larry the Cable Guy, the Cowboys Got 'R Done.

Let's see. Was there anything newsworthy going on with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday? Oh, yeah.

Cowboys Sign Henry Melton | Blogging the Boys

Looks like the Cowboys might not have lost free agency quite as badly as some people were thinking. Just saying. The deal looks like a good one for Dallas, with a low number in 2014 and an option for three more years if the Cowboys keep him after the season. The money grows if he proves himself in 2014 and the Cowboys hold on to him. Sort of a "prove it" deal for Melton with the next three years already built in if he does prove it.

There is a small shadow on this deal. Melton does have some legal issues, stemming from a really strange incident.

Sherrington: Rod Marinelli's stock is rising to Barry Switzer levels in the eyes of Jerry Jones | Dallas Morning News

This was written before the Melton signing, I should mention.

If he's half as good putting together an entire defense from genuine NFL parts as he was assembling a defensive line from spares, the improvement should be fairly obvious.

And if he has any sway over Melton signing with the Cowboys?

Marinelli's stock soars right through the top of JerryWorld.

So far, Dallas Cowboys holding their line in free agency | ESPN

Here's another article that came out before the Melton signing, and based on what was said by Mike Fisher and Bryan Broaddus on the radio, it looks like Dallas continued to stick by their guns on the new deal.

Since it looks like there is still going to be some cap space left, the team can see if it can get some more help. Here is what that "Source" guy has to say about a couple of names still in play for the Cowboys.

Source: Dallas Cowboys free agent DE Anthony Spencer still with no deal after returning home from NY Giants visit | Dallas Morning News

The recovering defensive end is still looking for an offer, while the Cowboys wait to see what his price is really going to be.

Jared Allen left Dallas to talk with his wife about his future options | Blogging The Boys

The Cowboys spoke with Allen but from reports on Twitter, it looks like the odds of landing him are not great.

Film review: Brandon Weeden - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas

So what do the Cowboys have with the newly signed quarterback? Well, a guy that might fit pretty good, for one thing.

8. With Shurmur out as coach, Weeden worked with Rob Chudzinski as the head coach in Year 2. Norv Turner was the offensive play-caller and used the timing-based offense the Cowboys use, where tight ends and the vertical passing game are emphasized. Turner doesn't have Michael Irvin and Alvin Harper. So, he makes do with Devone Bess and Josh Cribbs, Little and Massaquoi.

Scouting Report: The Pros And Cons Of Weeden’s Tape

Here is another look at the Weeden video. (Is it really on tape anymore?) Bryan Broaddus throws in an interesting anecdote from his days with the Green Bay Packers.

You have heard me say this plenty of times about the job of a scout in this league -- it is about trying to find players. At one time, Brandon Weeden, whether it was right or wrong, was a highly though-of player [sic] by this organization. This league is filled with players that started on one team, then landed on another to have outstanding careers.

I remember my time in Green Bay where we had Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Ty Detmer and a quarterback named Kurt Warner on the roster for camp. In that 1993 season, Favre, Brunell and Detmer were all on the roster and we let go of Warner, who made his way to Arena Ball, then later a Hall of Fame career. I am not saying Brandon Weeden is going to have a Hall of Fame career like Warner. But like the St. Louis Rams did, it never hurts to give a player a look.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, wife welcome second son - ESPN Dallas

One other major acquisition happened Tuesday.

Rivers Romo weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces and checked in at 20.5 inches. Mother and son are healthy.

Why Jay Ratliff continues to haunt Dallas Cowboys | Dallas Morning News

Just a reminder of how the team really, really got jobbed by him.

In many ways, the decision not to cut Ratliff earlier than they did continues to burden the Cowboys. Many thought Dallas should have parted ways with Ratliff last spring. He had been arrested on a charge of driving while intoxicated in January 2013. The month before he underwent season-ending surgery for a major groin injury, continuing a career nosedive that became more obvious as he failed to record a sack with the Cowboys in the final 10 games he played for them.

Considering the organization was aware of its deteriorating relationship with Ratliff - one that affected his rehabilitation and postponed his return to the field indefinitely - the choice not to dump the defensive tackle looks even worse in retrospect. But the team's executives believed he would have had a career rebirth as an under tackle in the 4-3. He didn't. He never even played a game for Dallas in 2013.

Chicago Bears agree to one-year deal with former Dallas Cowboys safety Danny McCray | Dallas Morning News

Another loss for the team. Sort of. McCray was not the impact player in 2013 he had been in previous years.

DeMarcus Ware was 'honored to wear the star' - ESPN Dallas

Just a reminder of the class of this man.

"I was honored to wear the Star alongside my former teammates & will always hold a special place in my heart for the Cowboys Nation and the Dallas community."

STAR: After 2013 Season, Carr Pushing Himself More Than Ever

Don't forget, there are a bunch of other players the Cowboys need good seasons from. Brandon Carr is working on his end of the deal.

"Now I'm becoming a man both on and off the field. I respect the coaches, but I have to let my voice be heard and be that vocal leader for the team," said Carr. "I enjoy trying to be there for the young guys and sharing my experience. I was battling Patrick Surtain for his spot, but he always looked out for me. [Current teammate and former Kansas City lineman] Brian Waters helped me out a lot, too.

"It's my duty now. I owe it to the team to be someone to come to. Be someone who you can get advice from, be a mentor. I'm challenging myself to be a better person. Actions speak louder than words. I watch what I do."

NFL, Dallas Cowboys settle with Super Bowl XLV worker injured by falling ice, snow at Cowboys Stadium | Dallas Morning News

Just thought you might want to know. Or not.

Robert Griffin III of Washington Redskins says he will not wear knee brace in 2014 - ESPN Dallas

Why would I mention something about Bob3? Well, seems the Cowboys just signed a new, penetrating defensive tackle . . .

Dez Bryant talks about his motivation, swims while wearing a shirt and tie in strange video | Dallas Morning News

This is just strange.

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