My Reasons for Jerry stepping down...

You've heard 'em before.

"Jerry is a business man, not a football man."

"As long as the Cowboys continue to be the most lucrative franchise in the NFL, Jerry is happy."

And from the man himself, "Did you like those 3 Super Bowls? I hope you did, I hope you did very much!"

Every year, and it seems to get more frequent, that you read the articles from the beat writers, columnists and bloggers around the Cowboys, that Jerry is the problem. It's the truth, Jerry is the problem, and for me personally it's a big problem.

I moved to Dallas/Fort Worth from California in 1997 as a freshmen in High School. While I really liked sports at that time, like most teenagers, I cared more about playing than watching. The Cowboys were in the midst of winning their final playoff game in the Triplet era, and I didn't have a clue what was going on at the time. I knew the Cowboys had one Super Bowls but coming from Southern California, they weren't on my radar as a team I had to pull for (I had a Joe Montana jersey and 49ers Starter Jacket, and was a Chiefs fan after they traded for Montana in the mid-90's).

That said, I wasn't aware of the 3 Super Bowls. 4 NFC Championship Games. The Cowboys weren't on my radar until closer to 99 when my Grandpa and my Dad started taking me and my siblings to games. Even at that point, I wouldn't say I was a fan. I put my baptism into Cowboy Nation at 2000. You Remember that year I think. This was the beginning of the Quincy Carter and Dave Campo Era.

Yes, I became a fan in a stretch of 5-11, 5-11, and 5-11. Don't ask me how it happened. Maybe I was bored on Sunday afternoons and needed something to do after Church, but watching the Cowboys lose was part of freshmen and sophomore years of college.

It's this sort of thing that makes me dream of a day when Jerry is gone, because I don't remember the good days. The good days for me are the 13-3 Tony Romo/Wade Phillips teams that exited in the divisional round to the Giants. C'mon Jerry, that's the good stuff. This is the Dallas Cowboys. America's Team. 5 Super Bowls. The Ring of Honor. These Cowboys should be the Patriots, accept the Owner is too in love with the GM to make an honest appraisal of his success.

I am a part of a growing number of Cowboys fans who don't recall or weren't around for the glory days of the early 90's. I am a part of the Q-Car, Chad Hutchinson (Chutch), Drew Henson, Vinny Intercepteverde, Ryan Leaf, Cowboy fan contingent. Finally they found Tony Romo. They built something from bad to good to mediocre. I want to see a winning Cowboys team. I have watched too many heart breakers and am ready for a change at the top.

Jerry, it's been almost 20 years since your last Super Bowl. 1 playoff win in 17 Seasons is like owning the Bengals. A GM with your track record would have been fired 5 times in the last 17 years.

I know nothing will change. I am a reasonable Cowboys fan. But, like most Cowboys fans, I'm ready for a winner. I'm ready for a reason to believe that this team can win a Super Bowl. I'm ready for consistency from a team that should win a division almost every year. Be in the playoffs every year, and compete for a Super Bowl every year. That is the standard and Jerry, you aren't living up to it.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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