On The Clock Mock Draft (Fanspeak Board)

I know Mock Drafts are far from reality but if the draft were to fall this way for the Cowboys, it would be phenomenal.

Day 1 Starters

Zack Martin (OG, future OT) - Martin is a Day 1 Starter at RG replacing Bernardeau. This would also help with the depth as Bernardeau has the talent level of a backup G and not a starting one. Further, the most important factor in Doug Free's success seems to be having a solid G next to him. Additionally, Martin projects as our long term RT when the team decides to move on from Free which could be as early as next year. Also, in the unfortunate circumstance that Tyron were to get hurt, Martin has the skills to be a LT and can serve as our backup LT.

Timmy Jernigan (1-tech) - If the Cowboys (Marinelli) put more of an emphasis on the 1-tech, I would strongly consider taking Jernigan in the first. The fact that he fell to me in the 2nd was amazing. Jernigan is the perfect 1-tech for the Marinelli defense as he is a big space eater and run stopper but also has enough wiggle to rush the passer as well (some teams even see him as a 3-tech). While I do not think it is likely that he falls that far, it is possible, he is regarded it seems as a worse prospect than Floyd and Floyd fell last year.

Year 1 Starters

Trent Murphy (WDE) - Murphy is a 1st/2nd round talent that will likely fall in the draft due to concerns about his future position. Many commentators have said that he is strictly a 3-4 OLB which will limit the teams that are willing to draft him. However, the Cowboys in their 4-3 have utilized small DEs and should have no problem taking Murphy who can be a productive WDE in this scheme (he is bigger than Ware, Spencer and Selvie). Murphy was a stud at Stanford and led the nation in sacks and sack yardage last year. Murphy also has under-appreciated athleticism. Murphy has 2 career pick 6's. He has excellent bend and natural power and has great hand fighting technique. Murphy's 6'6" frame and 81" wingspan. With the lack of DE talent, Murphy could start from Day 1; however, since he is coming from a 3-4 he might take longer to start immediately so he can probably rotate in at first and be a starter by the end of the year.

Ryan Hewitt (FB, H-back) - Hewitt is one of my favorite value picks in the draft and I believe that he can be easily taken with one of our 6 7th round picks. Hewitt is larger than most FBs at 6'4" but he was an outstanding lead blocker at Stanford. He was recruited originally as a TE but moved to FB because of the logjam at TE at Stanford which has produced at least 5 TEs currently playing in the NFL. His TE background is important and early in his career (when Andrew Luck was there), he had over 30 catches in a season while playing FB. Hewitt's versatility allows him to play FB and be our 4th TE. Additionally, on those plays where Hanna would line up on the wing and then block and whiff we could now use Hewitt who is a fundamentally better blocker. (including as a Year 1 Starter because he would be our starting FB though we dont use a FB that often).

Strong Backups

Aaron Murray (3rd QB, 2nd by next year) - Drafting Murray will probably mean the end of Weeden and/or Orton. Murray seems to be a Fan Favorite around here and especially one of Cowboys writer Bryan Broaddus. Murray is the SEC all time leader in Passing TDs and Passing Yards. Murray is extremely talented and will benefit from learning behind Romo for a few years and potentially being our QB of the future.

Charles Sims (RB) - Since I do not believe the Cowboys will extend Demarco because he may want more money than the Cowboys are willing to spend and the RB position has been de-valued by the NFL for non-stud talents and especially for an injury prone runner like Demarco, the Cowboys should be drafting a RB this year, especially with this deep RB class. When watching Sims, he looks like Matt Forte to me. Sims is an inch shorter but is the same weight and has a similar speed to Forte. He is slightly less agile, but has as much explosion (Sims actually has a better Vertical and Broad Jump). Sims would be a great backup who could be used in a change of pace role to start and could end up starting for the Cowboys in a year or two if Demarco is gone.

Potential Players

The above 6 players covered Rounds 1-5 and one of our 7th round picks. These other 5 players all have potential and might be a little raw but have the upside that makes them great 7th round picks.

Bene Benwikere (CB) - Benwikere has measured a little slow for a CB but he seems to play faster when watching him. At 5'11 he would be a decent Dime CB and special teamer to start and could possibly be a good 3rd or 4th corner down the line which is what should be expected of a 7th round pick. Benwikere is extremely athletic (had over a 40" vertical jump) and was a strong corner at San Jose St, though not playing against top level competition weekly. He has 14 career interceptions and was physical in run support. He had a weaker senior year but was very strong as a junior and was considered a 2nd day pick before his poor senior year. Certainly worth a 7th round flier.

Larry Webster (DE) - Webster is another fan favorite here so I probably do not need to elaborate much. He is extremely raw athletic DE with NFL bloodlines. Webster is a 6'6" athlete who ran a 4.58 at the combine. He is so athletic that some people view him as a TE instead of DE at the next level, despite his 26 sacks over 2 years at Division II Bloomsburg. Webster is the type of athletic Rushman that Marinelli could truly mold after he bulks up.

Tyler Starr (OLB/DE) - Starr's 40 time is the only thing that is holding me back from liking him. He had a phenomenal 3-cone and short shuttle time, but ran an uninspiring 4.95 at the Combine in the 40. Starr is extremely athletic and may fit as a WDE or potentially as a OLB because of his agility.

Zack Kerr (DT, probably 1-tech) - Kerr is another interesting late pick. His size projects him as a 1-tech since he is 6'1 330 lbs but when watching him on tape he seems to have a lot of surprising quickness and pass rush moves. Kerr does a great job of shedding blocks and could be a nice backup who fills some snaps and is a good rotation player which our D-line seems to be moving towards. Anyone who watched Jernigan in the National Championship Game know that he can get winded and may need a backup to fill some snaps especially against a team like Philly. Kerr could fill this role nicely.

Kevin Norwood (WR) - Norwood was my pick because I missed out on my WR sleeper (Cody Latimer of Indiana), but I believe that Norwood would be a good late round WR pick if the Cowboys do not take one earlier. Norwood had a very good senior season at Alabama and seems to have very consistent solid hands. Norwood really impressed at both the Combine and Alabama Pro Day in the positional drills and by running a 4.48 at the Combine. He also looks like a very natural and skilled route runner. Norwood does not project as a #1 or maybe even a #2 WR in the NFL but would be a productive role player.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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