The Time Has Come! Extend Jason Garrett

I know, I know. Getting a bit ahead of myself here.

I know he isn't perfect. He's made some mistakes. But what coach out there is perfect?What coach makes every right decision for his team every week of every year? Garrett's mistakes are exacerbated because he 1) is the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and 2) hasn't made the playoffs yet as Head Coach.

Yes, his time management has hurt this team on more than one occasion and his unwillingness to tell the play caller (sometimes himself) to run the ball more has made it difficult for this team to close out games with big leads.

8-8 for three straight seasons, obviously doesn't show improvement in a team and for a fan base that is tired of the mediocrity that the Cowboys have been mired in for the last decade plus. But when looking at this team over the last few years, I think they are moving in the right direction.

Change has been happening
Garrett and Jerry Jones (yes, ill give him some credit here) have been slowly retooling this team and changing its core. We are now looking at a core of Dez Bryant, Tyrone Smith, and Sean Lee; with a young group that are already contributing or have the potential to contribute enough to become part of the core group: Travis Frederick, Tyrone Crawford, Terrance Williams, Morris Claiborne, Henry Melton, Gavin Escobar, DeMarco Murray, Lance Dunbar. The days of Romo, Witten, Miles, and Ware are slowly coming to an end. This team had been gutting its veteran base in an effort to get younger across the board and aside from most of the defense and a QB of the future this team has begun building a team that will reflect life after "Parcells' guys".

While that has created some growing pains for this franchise, don't let the fact that they haven't made the playoffs fool you into thinking that this team isn't getting better. The fact that they have remained competitive through a dismantling of it's offensive line (looking at you Marc Colombo, Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, and Flozell Adams), a defensive scheme switch and a gradual overhaul of the defense, not to mention having to build without a first round pick after the Roy Williams trade, and coordinator changes, it surprises me that they have been as competitive as they have been.

Defense, what Defense?

This defense, while it has had injuries, also hasn't had the talent to compete. The defensive line and safeties haven't held up their end of the bargain (aside from Ware and Hatcher). The offense is a legit NFL offense that can score points with the best in the league. But if your defense can't get off the field and can't hold teams under 20 points, it's going to be very difficult to win games. Football is a team game. This offense isn't going to score 30 every week and it shouldn't have to. Give it time and the defense will turn around as they keep drafting well and with Rod Marinelli (not old man Monte Kiffin) leading the way. Even with a defense that ranks in the 15-20 range instead of the 25-30 range, this team probably makes the playoffs. Give Garrett time to get an average defense on the field before we begin judging his work as a Head Coach. This team is no where near where it could be and the defense has a lot to do with that.

Garrett plays the Background

Garrett doesn't need and probably doesn't want any spotlight. Garrett doesn't need the credit and will accept the blame. Part of the reason Jerry has been reluctant to hire a "football guy" is because it takes away from Jerry's spotlight and credit. We know Jerry. We know he wants to get credit and respect for the decisions that are being made. And he has made some good ones to go along with some bad ones. Garrett hardly wins press conferences with his robotic delivery. That's a different story than Jimmy Johnson and even Bill Parcells. Garrett for better or worse doesn't take any of the lime light away from the owner and GM. And Jerry likes it that way.

Garrett is Jerry's Guy

Garrett has the trust and respect of the owner. Many times we have heard Jerry praise the intelligence of Jason Garrett. He talks a lot about being committed to him. We heard this at the Owners meetings. Jason Garrett is a guy that was here during the glory days of the 90's. You could even say that Garrett is a Jerry guy. This is someone that Jerry is going to give every opportunity to succeed, because the GM picked him.

Go Hard For Garrett

I think this one is as important as anything.

The team still plays hard for Garrett amd he still has their respect. I know, they are professionals and they should play hard for anyone, but don't underestimate the fact that they respect him, buy into the process, and play hard. It's not an easy thing motivate people, grown men especially, but for some reason Garrett and these guys are in it together. I think he has the ability to rally people. I think continuity is an underrated thing in the NFL. Teams fire coaches way to fast, and I think that as long as this team still shows up and believes in the system, I say let it ride.

Much like Romo and the QB debate, I don't know if we can find someone better at this point. Why get another coordinator? We have one of those. Who could Jerry lure out of retirement? He doesn't want Jimmy, Bill Cowher seems pretty happy, same with Jon Gruden.

I know mine isn't a popular opinion and I expect to see some ridicule in the comment section.
I have enjoyed the "process", even though it hasn't been easy, but I am a fan of the "process" and believe that Garrett should get a few more years.

2 more years for JG

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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