Here's what one Giant's FPW thinks about the Cowboys.

Sometimes our own judgement is a bit clouded when it comes to objectively judging our own team. I've been called a homer by more than a few fans, because I'm general pretty positive about how Cowboys are progressing in regards to the building of their roster.The following is a Big Blue Vews FPW Invictus XI 's take on the current state of the Cowboys. I'm posting it here because I think it's always important to get an unbiased take on what your competitor's really think about you, especially one from a division rival. It is the opinion of one writer and may not be the consensus of Giants' fans, but I thought it was interesting to read what someone who probably spends much of his free time studying football and especially the NFC East thought about the Cowboys. Thank you Invictus XI for taking the time to write down your thoughts.

Following was taken from a recent post on BTB...

Okay, well, I'll give you my assessment of the team as it is currently constructed, though obviously it will change with this offseason.

1) I’ve always been a Tony Romo "fan." I won’t ever get into a Tony vs Eli debate ever, because that’s bad for all of our health. I will say he’s good enough to win a championship if he’s got the help. I don’t think his back injury is really anything to be concerned about.

2) Demarco Murray. Confused by him. I think because of his injury concerns and his inconsistency (looks like a monster one game, looks like molasses another), I don’t know if he’s the guy going forward for you peeps.

3) Dez Bryant. Monster. Didn’t think he’d elevate his game to the hype this preseason, obviously proved me wrong. He needs to get fed the ball more.

4) I’m sold on Tyron Smith and Frederick, not sold on anybody else on your OL. Frederick obviously is very good, he had a similar rookie season trajectory as Justin Pugh. Looked awkward in the beginning, but you could see it start to click sometime during the season and he got much more comfortable. I think your guards are "meh" at the end of the day and I think they overachieved this year. Free is interesting because he constantly vacillates from good to bad years. He had a good year last year.

5) Similar to our OL, your DL is on red alert. Don’t think you need me to iterate why.

6) Jason Witten, you keep wondering when he’s going to run out of gas and he never does. To be honest, I like the Eagles’ Zach Ertz more than Gavin Escobar.

7) Sean Lee is a beast, but its gotta be kind of annoying to see him consistently hurt, no? I mean I’d be angry that he’s getting hurt all the time. Sort of like Hakeem Nicks….dude is a monster when healthy (see 2011 playoffs) but he just doesn’t stay there and plays at sub-100%. Bruce Carter I bought into the hype. I was wrong, he doesn’t seem like anything special to me. You have a hole at SLB. I thought this was going to be a huge strength for you guys. It was still above average but not up to what I had expected.

8) CBs. Boy, Morris Claiborne is not looking good right now. But I firmly believe in the 3 year rule. Can’t judge a prospect until he’s 3 years into the league. If he fails this year, I’d call him a bust. Carr is fine, had some lapses, but he’s more than solid. Surprised Scandrick was as good as he was.

9) Safeties had flashes, but a big old "meh" from me. Won’t hurt you a lot (unless you start Jeff Heath), but not particularly a strength.

Overall I think your offense has the potential to be dominant, but there’s always something going wrong. Either Dez doesn’t get the ball enough, or the clock was mismanaged, or Romo just has a bad game (everybody does), or Demarco Murray doesn’t show up. If they all put it together, you have more talent on that side than the rest of the league.

On defense, aside from the DL, where I see a big lack of talent if Hatcher leaves, I saw a talented group that underachieved a whole lot in 2013. That’s about as honest as it gets from me.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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