My friend, the Cowboys/Broncos Fan - A tale of One Fan, Two Teams

I have a bone to pick and a story to tell.

Not with the front office, not the training staff, new or old players but with a 'Cowboys' fan. This certain fan is also a roommate and a friend of mine. We'll call him Daryl.

Daryl's a great guy. A dude's dude. A great teammate and even a decent athlete. He still an avid soccer player and was a good collegiate rugby player. Talented enough that he was a crucial part of his school's national championship run. I won't name the school but its one of the more prestigious schools in Southern California. He's no schlub and quite intelligent. He's someone you can trust and have a beer with. Though, Daryl has allegiances in football that bothers me to the core:

He's a Cowboys and Broncos fan.

Keyword 'and'.

He has more Cowboys jerseys and gear than I've ever had. Knows all the players and has favorite pet cats similar to mine on the team. Its a god damn joy to talk Cowboys with him because he loves them so much and follows so closely. We'd watch games together high five-ing in the ups and cringing with disbelief in the downs.

But as soon as the Cowboys game is over, out come the Broncos jerseys for the afternoon Broncos game.

Suddenly the whole dynamic changes. Instead of wondering if Brandon Carr is worth the money, he's talking about Champ Baily's age. Instead of pushing for more touches for Demarco Murray, he's switched gears to wonder if Knowshon is worth keeping. All good football conversations but, it ain't Cowboys.

Quick back story on his behalf: He (and I for that matter) were both young in the 90's which was the most formative decade in football exposure for both of us. The Cowboys were good, scratch that, the Cowboys were GREAT. So, he and I both jumped on the bandwagon and have never looked back.

As fate would have it, Daryl also had a direct connection to the Broncos. His uncle was a high level front office manager for the Broncos during the Elway years. Being the good uncle he was, he sent Daryl jerseys signed by John Elway and the like. He had a small collection of memorabilia of the most important Broncos any Broncos fan would be gleaming with pride to put above their dinner table if their wife would let them. Come the late '90s, the Broncos churned out two Super Bowls. Elway commanding the offense even at an old age. Terrell Davis finally giving the running game Elway never enjoyed...blah blah blah and that's how Daryl becomes a big Broncos fan and a big Cowboys fan.


We both grew up in the Southwest and there are three primary factions of fans here: Cowboys, Broncos and Raiders. (Don't ask about the Raiders and there is not such thing as a Cardinals fan). Broncos fans are on the level of obnoxious as Giants fans in this area. Not Philly bad but bad enough. I went to school ready to go to war with my Broncos fans friends, defending my allegiance and reminding them of their poor choice. Even when they won Super Bowls and I could not longer say they've never won a championship, I still found ways to get under their skin just for the sake of doing so. I hate the Broncos. There can only be ONE champion and its going to be the Cowboys. No one else.


Then comes along Daryl...someone who's company I enjoy and despise at the same time. He gets super defensive about both teams. He uses his back story as a defense for not having to make a decision on who to singularly cheer for. He gets super happy when both teams are winning and overreacts when either loses.

It sickens me. To the core.

What happens when they played each other last season? 'I'm proud on how both teams performed. Great game.'

Isn't that nice? Awww....NO!!!!!

The Cowboys LOST, DARYL. A game that we know now, had we won, we might've been in the playoffs. I can't believe this guy can be happy about both teams. While I was languishing in Cowboys mediocrity, he was simultaneously sipping the delicious champagne that was the '13 Broncos offense. Coasting to a number 1 seed in the playoffs and all the way to the Super Bowl.

By the time of the big game, I was over yet another disappointing Cowboys season and just trying to enjoy the end of the '13 season. Like everyone else, I was expecting a close game and was surprised about how inept Peyton Manning and the Broncos were.

But boy, was I relishing in it.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl together, but for the whole time I was day dreaming of Daryl's reactions and likely tears (seriously). This strange feeling of vindication came over me wanting to taste said tears like Cartman to Scott Tenorman. I wasn't just happy they lost, I was stoked they got BEAT DOWN. Laughing at every 'duck' Peyton seemed to throw and punishing hit Seattle's defense delivered.

Thank god Seattle won. I couldn't bare seeing Daryl, the 'Cowboys Fan', donning #18 or #7 smiling ear to ear over a brand new championship.

He's my friend and fellow Cowboys fan but I don't feel bad for Daryl. In my view, its like hedging emotional bets akin to dating two people at the same time. Its morally wrong, right?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am the psychopath for reviling in my two faced friend's misery, taking a sporting allegiance too far. That he's the turd that deserves the potentially two heart aches a year for being emotionally invested in two teams.

But seriously, is it that bad to love two teams?

Yes. Yes it is.

In the end, Daryl lost twice. Go Cowboys and only Cowboys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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