Dallas Cowboys Utlimate all-time roster

I have decided to pt together what I think is the Dallas Cowboys ultimate all time roster. This is not a roster of greatest 53 player of all time in cowboys history but a list of greatest players all time base on position to build the ultimate Dallas Cowboys Roster. Starter are in bold.



Tex Schramm

No Offense to Jerry Jones and what he has accomplish to help build the Cowboys as the most popular franchise in sport history, but the Dallas Cowboys wouldn't be the Cowboys without Tex Schramm. He is the driving force behind the Dallas Cowboys been American's Team and he help build this franchise from the ground up. There probably not anyone that has done more for this game especially the Cowboys franchise as Tex Schramm plus he gave us the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, so he no doubt the clearly but winner.


Tom Landry

Believe it or not this was truly a tough decision for me choosing between Laundry and Jimmie Johnson. There no deining how much Jimmie Johnson accomplish in such little time as Cowboys head coach leading this team to two straight Superbowl in just a few years as a coach. Jimmie Johnson is truly one of the greatest Coaches of all time but Tom Laundry the innovator of the 4-3 defense and the only coach this franchise ever had in its first 28 plus years. His lasting legacy is hard to look over so I gave him the slight edge of Jimmie Johnson.



Roger Staubach

Troy Aikman

Tony Romo

Naming Staubach as my starter on this team as well as making Aikman as his back up a easy choice. There no doubt that captain comeback is greatest Cowboy QB of all time followed by man that led this team to 3 Superbowl Troy Aikman. Deciding between Danny White and Tony Romo was a tough decision , both seem be on similar career path as Cowboys QB that couldn't win the big one. I decided to go with Romo because there no deining his talent and what he has accomplish as the QB on this team even though it hasn't translated in playoff success.


Emmit Smith

Tony Dorsett

Calvin Hill

This was probably the easy decision of all, who else to be the Cowboys starting RB that #22 , the great Emmit Smith, followed by another great RB Tony Dorsett. Calvin Hill is the clear cut #3 running back on my list a guy who I believe is a very underrated RB in his time.


Robert Newhouse

Daryl Johnson

Robert Newhouse is the clear cut choice for the starting FB on my team. Newhouse was the most complete Fullback in Cowboys history , he was a dominating lead blocker as well as a lead back who rushed for over 4,000 yards over his career, along with 1,000 career receiving yards making him a threat in passing game as well. Moose Johnson how could I leave this guy off my team the guy who open up all those hole for Emmit Smith. If not for Moose Emmit might not be the NFL all time leading rusher.


Michael Irvin

Bob Hayes

Drew Pearson

Terrell Owens

Dez Bryant

My Choices for start wide receivers are who else besides the play maker Michael Irvin and Bob the bullet Hayes. Next up on the list is the original # 88 Drew Pearson this guy needs to be in the Hall of Fame it ridiculous that he is not already in please put Pearson in the Hall of Fame now thank you.Fourth on my list is TO, I understand that thing didn't go well and ended badly for TO in Dallas but we can't over look what we accomplish in his time in Dallas and he deserves to be on this list. Finally is Dez Bryant the current #88 the guy is coming in on his on the next great Cowboys wide receiver there no doubt before its all said in done he will be a lot higher on this list.


Jason Witten

Billy Joe Dupree

Jay Novacek

The Senator need I say more. Jason Witten top 3 greatest Tight end to ever play the game top my team as the starting tight end. Witten backup consist of Novacek a guy who was a consist target for Aikman on the 90's team as will as Billy Joe Dupree a guy who was a favorite target of Staubach one of the modern great tight ends.


Rayfield Wright

Erik Williams

Flozell Adams

Ralph Neely

My starting Offense Tackles consist of Erik Williams one of the most physical and dominating lineman to ever play the game. A guy who did what few other before him have dominate and put fear in the great Reggie White. Starting on the other side is the Hall Famer Rayfield Wright. Their backups consist of Flozell the hotel Adams and Ralph Neely


Larry Allen

Nate Newton

John Niland

The starting Guards on my all time team are none other than hall of famer Larry Allen man of few words and Nate Newton aka the kitchen. There backup is John Niland a 6 time pro bowler.


Mark Stepnoski

Andre Gurode

The center of my ultimate all time team consist of Mark Stepnoski the leader of the Dallas Cowboys 90's offensive lineman nick named the great wall of Dallas. His backup is Andre Gurode a guy who was very consist as the cowboys starting center earning 5 pro bowl and 2 all pro honors.



Harvey Martin

Charles Haley

Greg Ellis

Ed To Tall Jones

My two starting defensive end are two guy who I believe both should have been in the hall of fame Harvey Martin the greatest cowboys pass rusher before De Marcus Ware and the record holding 5 time Superbowl winner Charles Haley. There back ups on this team are underrated Greg Ellis and Ed To Tall Jones.


Bob Lilly

Randy White

La Roi Glover

Jay Ratliff

Starting at tackles on this team are Bob Mr Cowboy Lilly, the Cowboys first great player along with the guy who replace him Randy White the heart of the cowboys doomsday defense. La'Roi Glover is third on the depth chart even though he didn't play on this team long he was successful in his few year on this team making the pro bowl every year on this team. OK I must admit this one hurt, I hated to do it but finally I gotta go with Jay Ratliff ugh.I can't knock Ratliff success on this team 4 pro bowler and former all pro has earn his spot on this team even though things ended on a sour note with the Cowboys,


DeMarcus Ware

Chuck Howley

Thomas Hollywood Henderson

Dexter Coakley

My starting outside linebacker on the Cowboys ultimate team is the Cowboys greatest all time pass rusher Demarcus Ware. On the other side is Chuck Howey There back ups are Thomas Hollywood Henderson and the iron man the little guy with a big heart Dexter Coakley.


Lee Roy Jordan

Ken Norton Jr.

Bradie James

The Dallas Cowboys ultimate team starting middle linebacker is Lee Roy Jones. He is been backed up by Ken Norton Jr. I had a tough time decided on the last middle linebacker spot between James and DAT Nguyen but ultimately went with Bradie James in a close race.


Deon Sander

Mel Renfro

Everson Wall

Terence Newman

Kevin Smith

The starting Corners on my ultimate team is Deon Prime time Sanders the greatest corner back ever, and Mel Renfro. My Nickle corner is none other than Everson Wall followed by Terrance Newman despite injuries cutting his time in Dallas short he was very successful in his time in Dallas. The fifth corner on this team is Kevin Smith who would've been higher on this list if injuries didn't effect his career.


Darren Woodson

Charlie Waters

Roy Williams

Strong Safety starter on my ultimate team is Darren Woodson the heart and soul on the secondary of the 90's. He is followed by Charlie Waters who became an 3 time pro bowler after struggling at corner back. My third Strong Safety on the list is Roy Williams the hard hitting safety excelled playing along side Darren Woodson,but never was same after Woodson retired is good enough to come to make this list been a 5 time pro bowler and former all pro.


Cliff Harris

Dennis Thurman

My starting Free safety is Cliff Harris followed by Dennis Thurman

Special Team


Chris Boniol

Chris Boniol was a easy choice at kicker but I truly believe Dan Bailey will pass him as the greatest cowboys kicker one day


Matt Briar

A obvious choice at Punter is Mr. consistent Matt Briar.


L.P. Ladouceur

The Long snapper probably the most underrated player in Dallas Cowboys history is L.P Ladouceur.

OK here my list of the ultimate Dallas Cowboys roster. Everyone please comment and give me their thoughts on my roster.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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