Draft 2014 v2 : Here We Go Again

Okay, so I was able to find a better drafting simulator (Fanspeak:OnThe Clock), although I had to pony up five bucks for the premium option to get trades to be available. To make sure the trades were legit, I used the same trade calculator that BTB used for their draft competition, where you can view here.

If you want to view the draft to see what the other teams did, you can click here to view.

So, with that being said, here's what happened:

At the very beginning, before the draft started, Kansas City offered a trade. Thinking how none of my top options will be around at 16 and feeling like more options would present themselves at 23, plus having three added picks, I decided to do the deal before seeing how the draft unfolded. It also met my criteria of getting at least one more pick in the top 100.

First Round:

1.16 (16) : Traded to Kansas City for 1.23, 3.23, 4.24 and 5.23 (23,87,124,163) before the draft. Value was 1000 to 1000. A perfect value trade.

1.23 (23) : Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh (from Kansas City)

Okay, so I sweated this one out. I made the trade before the draft began thinking there’s no way I’m getting Donald so I’m going to go for hopefully a sliding Barr or Jernigan. Imagine my surprise when Donald slipped to 16. I was sick. I’d missed out on the one player, besides Clowney, that I desperately wanted in this draft. Then I got to thinking… Ravens can’t used an undersized DT, nor can the Jets, the Dolphins, Cardinals or Packers. All of them are basically 3-4 defenses. Philly could screw it up, but they took a WR, a position they desperately needed help at, and lo and behold I had Donald seven picks later and with a three extra picks. ::grins maniacally:: I'm a freaking genius! ::coughs:: Sorry... I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Second Round:

2.15 (47) : Traded to Green Bay for 2.21 and 4.21 (53,121). Value was 430 to 422. They get some value here, but I’m happy with the trade.

2.21 (53) : Dominique Easley, DT, Florida (from Green Bay)

So, I get to the 14th pick in the second round and I’m a bit underwhelmed, mainly because Jernigan was selected by Pittsburgh. My dream team tackle rotation just left me. There was Ra’Shede Hageman on the board, but his dedication, or lack thereof, to football worries me. I talk to Green Bay and offer my pick for their 2nd round and 4th round pick. They wanted the tackle Morgan Moses, so we sealed the deal. When my pick comes around again, I see Dominique there and decide to take a flyer on a first round talent with an injury history. Could be boom or bust, but with him in the DT rotation, I’m feeling better about missing out on Jernigan.

Third Round:

3.14 (78) : Traded to Green Bay for 3.21 and 5.21 (85,161). Value was 200 to 193. They get value out of me again, but I’m still happy with the trade.

3.21 (85) GB : Billy Turner, OT, North Dakota State (from Green Bay)

This guy was a target in the third round for me all along. I took a risk trading down, but I knew GB already had their tackle from the second round, so I had to hope the others didn’t value Turner as highly as I did. Since GB wanted the wide receiver Donte Moncrief. It worked out. I’m smiling.

3.23 (87) : Kareem Martin, DE, North Carolina (from Kansas City)

Another target of mine. I’ve watched film of him and I don’t understand the issues people have with him. His motor seemed fine as I never saw him give up on a play. He even made plays chasing down people well past the line of scrimmage. Other teams ran away from him or double-teamed him. When he stunted, he could be blocked by the TE and OT and completely wipe him out of a play, but that happened to Ware to. That has more to do with scheme than player. He has the size, speed, and power you want from a pass rushing DE. He also was very aware and was rarely fooled by screens, draws and reverses. He’s a solid pick here.

Fourth Round:

4.19 (119) : Pierre Desir, CB, Lindenwood

Okay, I must admit I was shocked to get this guy in the fourth. He was steadily rising after the senior bowl season. Not sure why people aren’t as high on him any more, but I snagged him as fast as I could.

4.21 (121) GB : Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana (from Green Bay)

A bit of a sleeper in many people’s eyes, but he matches what Dallas wants in a receiver. Former basketball player, so that bodes well for him. Smallish hands, so he might struggle there even though he shows good technique, but good speed and jumping ability.

4.24 (124) KC : Bishop Sankey, RB, Washington (from Kansas City)

One of Broddus’ pets. Kind of surprised he lasted this long, but he seems to go up and down the boards based on flavor of the week. Someone will take him higher than this, but for this exercise, I was thrilled.

Fifth Round:

5.18 (158) : Mike Davis, WR, Texas

With a possession receiver in the fold with Latimer, I went with speed in Mike Davis. While neither should see the field this year, you want to provide as much outside balance as possible and both have the ability to provide something in the slot, although I see the slot being manned by a TE this year.

5.21 (161) : Jake Murphy, TE, Utah (Green Bay)

Not this TE, but Escobar. This TE is a Witten starter kit. He will need more work, but he is already good at catching and blocking equally having improved his blocking skills last year. A true combo TE is hard to find with all the receiving ones in college now, but Murphy is one and a good one who could be groomed.

5.23 (163) : Kadeem Edwards, G, Tennessee State (Kansas City)

A sleeper pick that I didn’t think would last until the seventh, so I picked him up a bit early. Not having a 6th kinda hurts, but with the extra pick from KC, perhaps it was for the best. He might not have been there in the 6th either.

Seventh Round:

7.14 (229) : Kerry Hyder, DT, Texas Tech

Time to take some flyers on some players. Kerry was at the Dallas Days prospect hunt and word was him impressed a bit. Not enough to be taken before the 7th, but let’s be real here. He would probably make it to FA, but why risk it?

7.16 (231) : Xavius Boyd, OLB, Western Kentucky

Another possible FA, but an athletic OLB like Boyd would have a lot of possible offers. You want to bring them in the fold without the risk of losing them, so I snagged him.

7.23 (238) : Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma

Fullback is a lost art. Trey won’t bring back memories of the Moose, but he’s most complete fullback I could see. He can run the ball, although he’s a bit of a bull runner, and his blocking is pretty good. He can even provide a passing threat, something very few fullbacks ever do any more. Especially if they can actually block.

7.33 (248) : Andrew Jackson, ILB, Western Kentucky (Compensatory)

A teammate of Xavius, he’s an intriguing option. He’ll most likely be a special teams player at best, but it never hurts to see if he can play at this level and good inside backers are getting slim on the boards.

7.36 (251) : Garrett Gilbert, QB, SMU (Compensatory)

Another Dallas Day participant. This is about the only place Dallas might grab a QB and since we don’t know how Romo’s arm will hold up, it never hurts to have another arm to take some practice tosses away from Tony to make sure his back continues to heal without any setbacks.

7.39 (254) : Carrington Byndom, CB, Texas (Compensatory)

Okay, this is a bit of a pet. He’s young, but he’s also a three year starter. He’s got speed although he’s under six foot. Still, at 5-10, he has potential to play in a zone scheme. He could even man the slot corner in case B.W. Webb doesn’t pan out.

Trades (3):

Dallas (16) to Kansas City for (23, 87, 124, 163) value: 1000 / 1000

Dallas (47) to Green Bay for (53, 121) value: 430 / 422

Dallas (78) to Green Bay for (85, 161) value: 200 /193

That’s it. A total of sixteen (16) players. If half of these can play this year, it would be a huge lift to the Cowboys. You’d think both Donald and Easly would play in a DT rotation with Henry and Bass. Not sure Hayden has a spot on this team unless the dreaded injury bug creeps up again. With Martin joining Mincey on the left defensive end and having Selve and Crawford man the right defensive end, I actually see a young and improving defensive line for a change.

Picking up Turner was a thrill. We need a replacement for Free after this year and now we have someone other than Parnell to groom. With getting Edwards as a guard to groom, assuming he pans out, Turner could just sit behind Free and learn or play guard for a while until they feel Edwards is ready and then move Turner over next year.

With Pierre Desir added to the CB group, I’m not sure if Byndom will make the squad, but Byndom could sneak through to the Practice Squad if he shows he’s worth the time in teaching. With Sankey, it might be interesting how the RB situation comes out. Randle was adequate but could be pushed by Sankey and while Lance Dunbar is a great change of pace, he might have the same issues Felix did in staying healthy in a league where defenders will always be bigger and hit harder than Lance’s body can handle. With Latimer and Davis at the WR positions, it should push Harris and Beasley to improve or be cast off. I believe either Latimer or Davis will be a Practice Squad guy though.

Picking up a TE is probably having everyone groan, but Hanna doesn’t seem to have the confidence of the coaches. I never understood it as the one knock on him was his hands, but he seemed to solve that problem and you were hearing that he was tearing up our defense in practice. Still, finding a quality combo TE is like finding gold on the ground: you don’t question it, you just grab and grin. Now, whether Hyder, Boyd and Jackson can do anything, I’m not sure, but I felt they were worth grabbing to keep the other teams from sweetening their offers to take them away from us in free agency. Garrett Gilbert I see as a Practice Squad guy all the way, someone to take the reps from Romo so they Tony can just heal.

So, let me know what you think. While some may think it’s not realistic, sorry. Even when the draft finishes, we are shocked at what happens and could never have predicted who slid and who was taken way before they should have. This scenario is just as plausible as any.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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