Jerry is NOT doing everything within his power to win

Jerry wants to win more than anyone but not enough to get out of the way. It's become more obvious than ever with his pleas to the fanbase and media that if he can't have it his way he doesn't want to play at all. He talks the talk BUT doesn't walk the walk placing his personal agendas above what is best for Cowboys football operations.

Until he hires a VP & GM who runs football operations we will continue to struggle to contend for a championship not to mention the biggest joke in NFL. Even if he got lucky and won another one it wouldn't be worth what we have to endure getting there.

This personal agenda wanting to prove to the world he can win one without a Jimmy built team has gone on for a generation and is time for it to end. Jerry for years has put into place or supported revenue streams like the Salary Cap, the increased TV deals and ultimately his lawsuit to NFL for stadium rights which took out as much influence in what the local fans can exhibit like we did in late 80's influencing an ownership change.

So now that all of the revenue streaming is in place he has come more forward with his pleas and crying for sympathy from the fans so he can continue to play with his toy without it hurting revenue. In last 3 years the local TV viewership is down 12% from about 41% to 29% one of the lowest in NFL in local mmarket while merchandise sales have dropped to about 5th in NFL. But with TV and stadium revenue up it has not affected his profits as he is still #1.

Jerry has maximized the iconic Cowboy label or pimped the ride and locals have never been more embarrassed of our fable franchise. But with the recession many opposing fans have migrated to Texas and brought their fandom with them filling up the stadium to a point where Jerry is considering selling opposing team gear also.

After attending Texas Stadium for 37 years with never seeing more than 2 or 3,000 opposing fans at a game now we are seeing 20-30,000 opposing fans and we wonder why we have lost the home field advantage we had at Tx Stadium. Jerry thus far has been able to bring everything to his palace except a Cowboy playoff game.

Jerry has been revolutionary in revenue and proved Tex Schramm wrong that winning or some success on the football field isn't necessary for gaining top revenue. And while the local fans have walked away local business and too many across the country are still financially supporting providing Jerry a lifetime pass to continue his ways. It's one of the biggest tragedies we have seen with our most beloved and treasured local sports team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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