A look ahead: Sir J-F-F

You down with JFF?

Yeah you know me.

Typically, these posts from me deal with things that are a little more solid, prediction-wise. Last year, I called Marinelli out as being the next DC, and very soon, and being far more important than the Kiffin hire. Not that hard to see happening. I touched on the Bease, and the CBA injury issue as well.

This year, I started with Garrett's plan for the coaching staff.

Now this.

I'm not actually trolling you. With pick [insert position here] the Dallas Cowboys select none other than Johnny Manziel.

Oh the wailing, the gnashing of teeth to come from the darkness. Oh, the scandal of Romo-esque proportions. Oh the fact that Jerry said he doesn't want to draft another QB and essentially pay his rookie contract while he backs up our aging star QB.

Whatever. I think this is going to happen. Like any of you, I believe that our Defense is certainly the area of greatest need in the draft. But here is the thing:

One defensive player does not our holes fill. We need a bunch of them. And we will get a bunch of them.

But not until after we have secured our next franchise QB. It's time to be looking ahead, no pun intended here. Ok, pun intended.

I ask you this: Who contributed MORE to our victories in the last five years?

DeMarcus Ware, or Tony Romo?

Now I love Ware, and I was sad to see him go, although it was time. And he will be a first ballot HoF inductee, I have no doubt. He is arguably one of the best all time.

Now tell me how many games he carried the Cowboys to victory? Exactly. Not nearly as many as Romo. It's not a fair comparison, but it's important.

Manziel won the Heisman young. Then a 19-20-21 year old kid who didn't understand what being on the national stage was about got caught up in the hype and exposed by the limelight. IMAGINE YOURSELF AT 20... Hell, I couldn't have done any better when I was such a pup.

He looks like a younger, faster version of Romo. JFF has never has his leadership or mettle questioned. He's lead a team to the top. He can sit in the pocket to throw, he takes the run when he can, and he looks just like our current QB when he tosses it all, draws the play in the dirt, and hits a streaking receiver while on the run.

Picture Johnny Boy with a year's seasoning in our program, sponging everything he can about reads and technique from Romo. Practicing with guys like Dez, T-Will, Bease, Witten, Escobar. Next year, taking snaps from Fredbeard, with Tyronnasaurus protecting his left. Having Dunbar creeping out on a dump screen, or Murray to keep defenses honest.

Look, for all the complaining people are still doing - the Cowboys have burned the roster right to the ground. The only things left are the stone foundation that just won't burn, and that's The Senator and Romo. But those guys are the last. They know it, we know, everyone knows it.

This team has become very young. And they will soon have a young, hungry leader. I think Manziel is a perfect fit for us. I won't be disappointed if the boys go in another direction, but I can honestly see this happening. If Romo plays two more seasons, and plays well, then that is excellent. I'd love to see him have a shot at the title.

But we need to be thinking long term. Who is the next QB of JFF's caliber that may fall to us? Will it be too late by then, and we get another Quincy?

Garrett talks about drafting for the team, drafting purely, not drafting to fill holes and reach. To me, with Garrett's philosophy, Stephen Jones saying we will always consider a QB, and Jerry saying "No way we draft a QB," well, I'm telling you now, get ready for the parade.

What will you do when Johnny Effing Football puts on the star?

Johnny Manziel - Texas A&M 2013 Sophomore Highlights (via zzLIAMzz11)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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