Dallas Cowboys Schedule 2014: Cowboys Open With 49ers, Close With Redskins

Jed Jacobsohn

We knew who the opponents were and whether the Cowboys would play them at home or away. Now we know the dates of each Cowboys game in 2014 as the NFL releases the 2014 schedule.

The Dallas Cowboys 2014 NFL Schedule

The details of the Dallas Cowboys schedule including dates, times and broadcast network.

Week 1: San Francisco 49ers (Sept. 7th, 4:25 EST, FOX)
Week 2: @ Tennessee Titans (Sept 14th, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 3: @ St. Louis Rams (Sept. 21st, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 4: New Orleans Saints (Sept. 28th, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 5: Houston Texans (Oct. 5th, 1 PM EST, CBS)
Week 6: @ Seattle Seahawks (Oct. 12th, 4:25 PM EST, FOX)
Week 7: New York Giants (Oct. 19th, 4:25 PM EST, FOX)
Week 8: Washington Redskins (Oct. 27th, 8:30 PM EST, ESPN)
Week 9: Arizona Cardinals (Nov. 2nd, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 10: @ Jacksonville Jaguars (London) (Nov. 9th, 1 PM EST, FOX)
Week 11: BYE
Week 12: @ New York Giants (Nov. 23rd, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 13: Philadelphia Eagles (Nov 27th, 4:30 PM EST, FOX)
Week 14: @ Chicago Bears (Dec. 4th, 8:25 PM EST, NFL Network)
Week 15: @ Philadelphia Eagles (Dec 14th, 8:30 PM EST, NBC)
Week 16: Indianapolis Colts (Dec. 21st, 4:30 PM EST, CBS)
Week 17: @Washington Redskins (Dec. 28th, 1 PM EST, FOX)

Strength Of Schedule

Cowboys strength of schedule based on opponents records from 2013: .488 (18th toughest). The Cowboys opponents were 125-131 last season. To show you how meaningless strength of schedule is, last year's team with the toughest schedule heading into the season was Carolina. In the end, their strength of schedule ended up being 17th.

Schedule Flex

Even though we now know the schedule, some of the games can change because of flex scheduling. This year, there are a couple of changes to flex scheduling. The NFL can now flex games to Sunday Night Football starting with week 5 of the season. Previously games could only be flexed starting in week 11. They can only move two games during that period of week 5-10, but after week 11 they can move games each week if they choose.

Also, games can be flexed between broadcast networks. Previously if a game had two NFC teams, it was on Fox. Two AFC teams meant it was on CBS. Now games like that can be moved to the other broadcast network to help balance out the games on any particular weekend.

Preseason Schedule

Week 1 Aug. 7 -10: Cowboys @ Chargers
Week 2 Aug. 14 -18: Ravens @ Cowboys
Week 3 Aug. 21 -24: Cowboys @ Dolphins
Week 4 Aug. 28: Broncos @ Cowboys


Now that you know the games, you can start planning to attend a game. If you're looking for tickets, go here once they have the new ones available.

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