The not so popular picks at #16

.....At number 15 the Pittsburgh Steelers select Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State. The Dallas Cowboys are now on the clock!

.....But what if our guys are already gone? Aaron Donald, Anthony Barr, Zack Martin, Timmy Jernigan, CJ Mosley, Mike Evans.....

.....The phones are being worked hard. But no one is biting. No one wants to trade up to the 16th spot. Only 2 minutes left on the clock and the war room is full on desperation mode.

The best guys left are as follows...

  • TE, Eric Ebron
  • QB, Johnny Manziel
  • CB, Darqueze Dennard
  • LB, Ryan Shazier
  • DT, Louis Nix
  • DE, Dee Ford
  • WR, Odell Beckham Jr.
  • FS. Calvin Pryor

.....We just drafted Escobar last year and Witten is still a top 3 TE in this league. But could we justify taking Ebron at 16? He is touted as the next Vernon Davis. If Dallas was ever serious about running 2 TE's, this pick is a no brainer. He is gifted enough to line up anywhere on the field. It would be more like taking the best WR in the draft, that just happens to be a Tight End.

.....Romo just had back surgery. And his contract is not structured to make trading or releasing him possible. Would Garrett allow Jerry to make such a bold move as to draft Manziel? Or would Jerry allow Garrett to take him, as it seems the Redheaded Genius is apparently enamored with Johnny Football. Now no matter how you slice it, any 1st round QB is a 50/50 shot. With the new rookie deal structure, having him sit behind Romo for 2 years is very feasible. And if he is in the 50% that hits...we just got a triple win. Franchise QB, Ticket sales and Excitement!

.....Brandon Carr is the 50 million dollar man. Scandrick was just extended, and rightfully so. The jury is still out on Claiborne. But Dennard could supplant any of them. Carr could be released as soon as next year with limited impact. If Claiborne doesn't show marked improvement he may need replaced. Scandrick is the best we have, but his years are limited. Getting a top corner is never a bad thing.

.....Other than Sean Lee, every other LB is a question mark. Heck even Lee is a question mark, can he go a whole season without getting injured? Shazier looks like Dexter Coakley, both in size and in play. And if we got a guy that could play as good as Coakley, he would be worth a number 16 pick. Shazier could play all 3 LB positions but WILL is where he should excel. That would leave Carter to become a back up or compete at SAM.

.....We just signed Henry Melton to be our 3 tech. We have a slew of players to compete to be the 1 tech. We signed Terrell McClain as a possible 1 tech, although he is built like a 3 tech. Defensive Tackle just has lots of questions still. Louis Nix would be a monster 1 tech. He is a fatty, 331lbs. But he is an athletic fatty! What he lacks in pass rush he makes up for in physical brutality. Don't expect many teams to run up the middle if we draft him. And look for him to demand a double team or become a feasible pass rusher. Simply put, he would make the 3 tech a better player.

.....Spencer is back on board. But coming off the one injury that still takes out over 50% of the players that suffer it. Micro fracture surgery seems to be a career killer for most. Selvie performed well at the start of the season. When Ware was not one of the walking injured. We have a bunch of maybes at DE also. Maybe Crawford is a player. Maybe Bass is a DE. Maybe one of the young-ins can be a starter. Well Dee Ford, by all metrics, is one of the best 3 DE's in the draft. Other than being 1.8" shorter than Ware, his combine and college stats are nearly identical. He could be the speed rusher to replace Ware that this team needs.

.....Dallas currently only has 2 Wide Receivers that could start at any position. And one could suffer the dreaded sophomore slump that many receivers fall into. Beasley is, unfortunately, nothing more than a slot receiver. And it seems that Harris has been relegated, which he excels at, to special teams. Beckham can play all over. He is also a return guy. 16 seems too high for his skill set. But if he the best left, do we shoot for a guy that can take up the slack if one of our top 2 get hurt?

.....Barry Church has been out playing what has been expected of him ever since he showed up here. Even after his Achilles tear he has only gotten better. But who is the center fielder behind him? UDFA Jeff Heath? Say what you want, but he held his own against NFL talent after coming from little Saginaw Valley State. JJ Wilcox? He looks better playing the role of a traditional strong safety. Matt Johnson? Matt who? That injured guy? Well Calvin Pryor supposedly could fix all these woes. Although he seems to be built more in the Barry Church mold, the experts think he would be a fine Free Safety.

.....So here the guys are, JJ, Stephen, Marinelli, McClay, Garrett, Kiffin, Linehan and Bisaccia. They have 2 minutes left with no trade partners available and all of our guys are gone.

Linehan wants Ebron. He can see the mismatch nightmares he can make in the passing game with him.

JJ wants Johnny Football. He sees dollar signs from the ticket and merchandise sales.

Bisaccia wants Dennard. He has visions of him returning everything he touches for a TD.

Kiffin wants Shazier. He can't get the image of Derrick Brooks out of his mind.

Stephen wants Nix. Claiming he is the safest player left.

Marinelli wants Ford. He gets excited watching how fast the kid comes around the edge.

Garrett wants Beckham. He still can't get over letting Austin go.

McClay wants Pryor. He is sure he is the answer to replace Darren Woodson finally.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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