Final Mock - Positing a Scenario

With two weeks to go its unlikely we will hear anything that we can take at face value. We also have a great idea of who Dallas is targeting. Putting all the news/evidence/rumors together over the last two months, I put together the following mock draft that would be my ideal draft for the Cowboys. I'll list all the picks below and then follow up with some comments.

1st (#20) - Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU

2nd (#47) - Kony Ealy DE Missouri

2nd (#63) - Dominique Easley DT Florida

4th (#119) - Trai Turner G LSU

5th (#158) - Ahmad Dixon SS Baylor

7th - Wesley Johnson C Vanderbilt

7th - Josh Harris RB Wake Forest

7th - Corey Nelson LB Oklahoma

7th - Chris Whaley DT Texas

7th - Joe Don Duncan TE Dixie State

7th - Terrance Bullitt LB Texas Tech


  • We are on the clock at #16 and both Barr and Donald are off the board. Zack Martin is still on the board. Despite many people tying Martin to Dallas, Broaddus has come out and said that he is our third rated guard so I think we would be happy to move the pick. Miami is interested for a 4th (#116).
  • Odell Beckham Jr is a perfect complement to our WR core. He can play all three positions. Has huge hands and a good catch point. Is lightning fast giving us a credible deep threat and would immediately make a difference in the return game as a kickoff returner and might unseat Dwayne Harris (whose contract is up soon) as punt returner. No downside to this pick in my opinion.
  • Kony Ealy lasting to the second may give some of you pause but if you go through the exercise of mocking these picks only two teams make sense in the first round after Dallas' pick. Cincinnati at 24 and Seattle at 30. Cincinnati is most likely going CB and Seattle going OT. If he makes it past those picks he is competing with Demarcus Lawrence, Dee Ford, and Scott Crichton. Depending on team preference and the anticipated run on QBs, OL, and/or WRs expected in the second a defensive end could very well fall through the cracks. Provides great position flex and could be an interior pass rusher in nickel situations.
  • Dominique Easley is not likely to last until our pick in the third. Several teams at the top of the third make sense for Easley. He may actually go much higher than this but in this case I use the 4th from the Miami trade to swap with Seattle. Because of the Percy Harvin trade Seattle is light on picks and the extra 4th value wise makes a lot of sense for them. Easley would be a top 20 player if not for the injury. Marinelli has been wining and dining both Ealy and Easley of late. They may even pick them 1st and 2nd.
  • Cowboys play the waiting game now and hope one of the following Billy Turner, Trai Turner, Dakota Dozier, or Cyril Richardson slides to them in the fourth. The chances of one of those being there are pretty good. I went with Trai Turner who our coaching staff seems to have zeroed in on. Bill Calahan worked him out personally. He is only 20 years old and incredibly strong with nimble feet.
  • Cowboy's personnel met with Ahmad Dixon on several occasions leading up to and after the senior bowl. Dixon is a ferocious hitter. He timed 4.48 at his pro day and 4.64 at his combine so his real speed is probably in the 4.5s. Would be a good special teamer right away and could challenge Barry Church for strong safety duties.
  • Chris Whaley seems destined to be a Cowboy. He fits that Lamarr Houston, Anthony Barr, Henry Melton, RB to defensive line conversion. Whaley was an energetic, disruptive lineman that showing great improvement last season before being hurt. He has had at least two meetings with Dallas.
  • Josh Harris recently had a workout with the Cowboys where he reportedly ran a hand timed low 4.2s 40. Rumor is he wowed at the workout and could be in line for drafting somewhere late. He has some injury issues last season and so has flown under the radar. A local guy, Duncanville product, Harris could provide real competition to Dunbar's role in the offense.
  • Wesley Johnson is the swiss army knife of offensive linemen this year. He can play all five positions, is extremely smart and technically sound. He is only available at this point because of weight limitations. He takes a year to bulk up and would provide valuable depth. His mental acumen could help others around him learn faster and more effectively.
Will McClay's stated philosophy was to increase the team speed. This draft has that at every position. This is a highly athletic class that has the college production to match. I would be thrilled if our draft turned out anywhere close to this.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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