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With draft season heating up, and seeing all the undersized speed lineman being linked to the Cowboys. I couldn't help but hope that a good one is already on the roster in Martez Wilson. Wilson has dealt with much change in his time in New Orleans. Coming out of college as an ILB, Wilson switched to OLB in Greg Williams 4-3 defense. In his second year, Wilson played mostly DE for Steve Spagnuolo's 4-3 defense. In his 3rd year, Wilson switched to a 3-4 OLB for Rob Ryan. Going back to his final year in college, that is 4 positions and 4 DC's in 4 years!

Released by the Saints last year, Martez found his way to the Cowboys (via Raiders) for the final 5 games in the season. By all account Wilson will be focused solely on being one of the rushmen.

Wilson compares favorable with Barr and Jeffcoat, possible DE tweeners from this years draft. All are between 6' 3' to 6' 5" and weigh in between 247 to 255. Wilson also has the longest arms of the bunch....if you are in to that sort of thing.

Athletic Markers: (Table format shamelessly stolen from OCC articles)

Drill Significance Wilson Barr Jeffcoat
40-yard dash Speed over distance 4.42 4.66 4.63
10-yard split Speed over distance 1.59 1.56 1.60
Vertical jump Explosiveness, leg strength 36 34.5 36
Broad jump Explosiveness, leg strength 10'4"
9'11" 10'3''
20-yard shuttle Flexibility, burst, balance 4.28 4.19 4.18

3-cone drill

Agility, change of direction 7.04 6.82 6.97

225-pound bench press reps

Upper body strength 23 15 18

Even with all that athletic goodness, there were some worries with him during the 2011 draft. Here's a quote from BTB's own Rabblerouser:

Rabblerouser's Martez Wilson Draft Profile

More worrisome is that Wilson comes across as the classic scout's conundrum: do you draft him where his plentiful athletic upside falls--somewhere in round one--or where his college tape lies--somewhere in round three?

Indeed Wilson did fall to the 3rd round! Even with all the posistions switches, Wilson has been a productive pass rusher. Using PFF's Pass Rushing Productivity stat (All sacks, hits, and hurries are added up and (with sacks weighted heavier) they’re broken down on a per-pass-rushing-snap basis.) puts Wilson as an above average pass rusher.

Warning: Small Sample Size Alert

In 240 total pass rush snaps, in NO, Wilson posted a 10.2 PRP. In 145 snaps as a rushing DE he posted a PRP of 9.7. For comparison's

  • Almost Anthony (2011) - 9.3
  • Always Anthony (2012) - 11.0
  • George Selvie (2013) - 8.9

Who knows what would happen over a full season? NO did not think much of him holding up against the run, as he played 90% of his DE snaps vs the pass in 2012. I think he has a decent chance to be an above average 3rd down pass rusher and possibly as good as the DEs available after the first round.

Bonus Links: Hopeful writeups about Martez from Canal Street Chronicles.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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