3 Cowboy Draft Day Predictions

1. The Cowboys will select 2 offensive players within the first 4 rounds.

The Cowboys are not the only ones coveting the defensive talents of Aaron Donald and Anthony Barr (top two defensive first round prospects). Therefore, it is my belief that both Donald and Barr will be selected prior to the 16th pick, leaving the cowboys to select a Right Tackle (whether that RT plays at Guard or Tackle is another story). Before you get all bent out of shape, remember that Jerry Jones has a 100 million dollar investment at Quarterback and last year's line was not able to keep Romo upright and healthy all year.

The second offensive pick will be a Wide Receiver. The WR will most likely be drafted in the second or third round. This draft is deep at WR, but there are only a few pro bowl caliber WRs. I believe that Cowboys will grab one of those, in particular, my money is on Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt.

Not only have the Cowboys upgraded the offensive line, thereby buying Tony Romo more time in the pocket, but they have also provide another serious weapon for this potent offense. The Broncos rode their offense all the way to the Superbowl (where they were subsequently crushed by a great defense), but as a Dallas fan I would rather get crushed in the Superbowl than sit out of the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.

2. The Cowboys will not draft Safety in the first round. Or any round before 7 for that matter.

Stop. Seriously. Not only are Calvin Pryor and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix not worth a pick at 16, but they are not a fit for the Boy's defense - Calvin Pryor is best suited as a Strong Safety and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix is not as strong of an athlete as the three Safeties the Cowboys already have on the roster. Should the Cowboys select offensively 2 out of the first 4 rounds, the other two will have to be focused on the defensive line.

I realize the safety play last year was deplorable, but consider the following:

  • It is extremely difficult for Defensive Backs to adjust from College to the NFL in their rookie season.
  • We really do not know what Matt Johnson is capable of; however, should he sit out again this season, I would not be surprised if the Cowboys cut him.
  • Six months before Jeff Heath started his first game in the NFL, he was playing Division II football (quite the jump in talent).
  • J.J. Wilcox battled a myriad of injuries, on top of dealing with the loss of his mother.
  • All three of them know Marinelli's Defensive Scheme.
  • Both of their bodies and minds have adjusted to the wear and tear of an NFL season.
  • Lastly, they're all athletic freaks, testing better at the combine than most of the safeties in the 2014 crop.
Considering all those points, I feel confident the Cowboys have the starter for the 2014 season on the roster already.

3. The Cowboys will draft a Quarterback.
Tony Romo is 34 years old, Brandon Weeden is certainly not the heir apparent, and I am not referring to Johnny Manziel. There are some quality Quarterbacks that seem to be falling in rounds Four and Five. I would personally like the Cowboys to wait for the 5th round, but if Aaron Murray is falling in the end of the 4th it might be worth it to trade up to grab him.
I am certainly not infallible and would appreciate any and all conjecture to take place in the comments section. Thanks for the read.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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