Cowboys Fire Jason Garrett

The cowboys fire Jason Garrett, and now have another opening along the coaching staff.

jk. I wanted to post this on April fools day, but I was sick so…

Anyway, I want to check how any people actually read the whole thing, and not just skim and scan. I f you actually read this, put a comment of "LIES, in all caps". Post everything in quotations. Otherwise..., I don't know how I tell you to do something.

So that people are not alerted by the length, I am copy pasting an English paper.

ignore the rest of this post.

Are there jobs related to Tennis? The answer that many people are unaware of is that yes, indeed there are! What many people seem unfamiliar about is that behind all the people that they see on tv playing Tennis, there are almost twenty or so people that aid that person, who are all employed by the player that everyone sees. The salary is quite high for Tennis related professions, although the number of jobs are almost stunning, in their sparsity, so overall it looks like a field to approach gingerly with a sound backup in place.

Due to the number of different skills and jobs that are available on the Tennis field, the current entry level salary in a job dealing with Tennis fluctuates all the way from $70,000 to $500,000 (USTA/ATP tour). The reason for the drastic variation is based on what career in Tennis a person decides to pursue.

To get a job in a field related to Tennis, not only would one have to face the enormous stress of match point, but the person would also need to be able to stay competitive, or be able to instill that type of mental toughness into others. It is a situation that is faced often through the career, and it is something that has to be dealt with. Also, dealing with those things is the easy part of getting a career in Tennis. The tricky bit is actually getting a job. There are more people than jobs available currently. Also, the industry is expected to regress in the next ten years, so finding jobs out of college might not be as easy as it today(Careers in Tennis). Therefore, it would need more preparation, and better math and science skills, as well as natural Tennis skill.

If one was to choose to become a Tennis player(a professional Tennis player), the potential for them to get deep into a tournament is not very high. Alternatively, the chances for an individual to be hired to be a professional Tennis coach without having professional experience is as unlikely a proposition as a person winning a tournament. The "reasonable" thing for people to do is to play Tennis in college, or the junior circuit, for at least 3-4 years, and then declare that they want to coach for a junior circuit. They will need to establish a reputation for themselves, and then they will declare for professional coaching. The junior circuit step is not necessary, but it builds reputation, and it makes it easier to get hired, and any advantage that can be gotten in a field as competitive as Tennis related careers is almost necessary.

As a highschool freshman, a person would need to take as many science and math courses (preferably Physics, Biology, Psychology, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Statistics) as well as not stop playing Tennis. It would be needed to stand the best chance of getting to do a career related to Tennis after college. Also, the amount of mental discipline and toughness that that person will need can be acquired and tested over this time in high school. The advantage to pursuing a job in tennis, is that the courses they need to be considered to be a tennis professional are also applicable to other professions, so even if they try to follow through this profession, and do not get it, there is always an easy way to recover.

While it may be extremely demanding to try and enter a profession dealing with Tennis, in the end, it is worth it. It is very hard to set oneself apart from the other people who are in the same interest as that person. If a person is willing to spend time to invest in their science and math subjects, then even if they are missing part of the perfect equation, they can still succeed in the Tennis related professions. Even if they do not get the tennis job they were after, they would still have a safe, fallback option to rest on if they took the right courses in college and high school.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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