Indepth Fanspeak Mock draft with trades

Pre-Draft Explanation

My goal in this exercise is to get multiply picks if I come to a cross roads where i have multiply players i feel are of similar quantity I'm going to attempt to trade back and collect value in rounds 3-5. My goal is to approach the needs of the team DE, Dt , OL, S in the first 5 rounds. The only reason I am not doing a 7 round mock is I do not have a feeling for the players that deep so I would just be plugging in players with little knowledge of them. Each round i will explain what my thought process was for the pick who i had available and at the end write a wrap up of how I feel my draft turned out and if i could go back. Each round will be written as it happens for the full understanding of my thought process at the time. If you have used Fanspeak before it will give you trades available at the beginning of each round i will reject those intial trade offers. Any trades will be made during the round to give it a more realistic feel. Enough talking lets get to the Mock draft.

Round 1:

  • Right off the bat Anthony Barr is taken number 1 in the draft and Zack martin follows as the rams number 2 selection. Donald my true target is taken off the board at number 14 to the bears so 3 of my early targets are gone leaving me with jernigan, Dixon, Nicks and Mosely. I feel like 16 is to rich for these guys but with both safeties on the board and the Tight end Ebron at 16 i elect to try to trade back and was successful with Green bay getting there First round number 21 and there 3rd round number 21 pick to drop just 5 spots. Once again i still feel like 21 is too rich for Jernigan. I take a gamble and trade back with the 9ers again and pick up my 2nd Extra 3rd rounder of the draft but in the event Jernigan is off the board. Pryor also came off the board but i prefer Jimmy ward to Pryor. My decision to Draft comes down to Su'a-filo and Ward at pick 30. My gut is telling me to go with Su'a-filo and trust that Joyner or ward will be availible at pick 47.
  • With pick 30 I Select Xavier Su'a-Filo G UCLA

Round 2:

  • My Gamble pays off and Ward is still sitting at 47 available but I also have Easely, Sutton, Jeffcoat, and Lawrence available to select. Easley personally scares be because 2 knee injuries in 2 years makes me feel 47 is still to rich for him if he slides in the 3rd its an easy pick for me but in the 2nd i want someone that is gonna be ready for Training Camp and ready to contribute. Lawrence in realistic terms i feel will be long gone by 47 and I trust Spencer and Mincey enough to wait for my 3 picks in the 3rd and I know that Ward will be gone by the 3rd and Our secondary is missing that FS aspect. I love Wilcox but i feel hes a strong safety and I cant rely on Johnson. So with the 47th pick I will select Jimmie Ward who i would have taken at 30 if Su'a-Filo was off the board.It's important to keep in mind a good safety is hard to find and the depth of the Safety Class from what I have heard is extremely top heavy. Ward, Dixon, Pryor, Buccanon, and Joyner are really the only talked about safeties i have heard.
  • With the 47th pick I Select Jimmie Ward FS North Illinois \

Round 3:

  • This is the round I've been Eyeballing for my value, Many draft experts believe this draft is super deep. Noticeably I have 2 of my needs already taken care of as suggested earlier, but I still have 2 to fill both my DE and DT need while making sure I take the BPA. But I will also look at OT and WR if a player I value isn't there.
  • My gamble that Easley would slide didn't pay off and he was selected early in the 3rd. I have the 14th 21st and 30th pick in the 3rd. I dont think that Sutton will still be available and i wanna make sure I fill that slot so my first pick in the third is gonna be Will Sutton, as i go through to my next pick i have a much more difficult situation i was hoping that Billy turner would be availible or even jeffcoat would still be on the board but all my early valued DE are off the board and i have missed but a wide reciever i value in Lattimore is there and so he will be my 2nd 3rd Round selection. Im not sitting at pick 30 in the 3rd round and am looking to fill the glaring need at DE that i have neglected. A player i have heard people glare about is Kareem Martin and i also have Marcus smith form Lousiville to pick from. Fanspeak has him sitting at 61. However On Bryan Broaddus Big board he has Martin sitting at 40 so i will trust Broaddus and select Martin with the 30th Pick in the 3rd.
  • With the 78th Pick of the draft I select Will Sutton
  • With the 85st Pick of the draft I select Cody Lattimore
  • With the 94th pick of the draft I select Kareem Martin

4th Round:

  • Going into the 4th round I'm feeling pretty excited about hitting all 4 of my needs with guys that i feel will be able to at least compete. Lattimore was a more luxury pick but if he does fall to the 3rd round need to take the chance on him. I feel Sutton is underrated while i was hoping Easley would fall i still wouldn't have risked a pick in the 2nd on him. With 5 picks in the bag im not going to turn to Best Player Available and see who I can get. As the Round starts i notice a big name on the board and its Jeremy Hill so I'm hoping he will fall but no such luck as he taken 4 picks ahead of me. I take a look at all the available names and i see a big man named Brandon Thomas. A guy thats been injured but was suppose to be solid player before injury. Im not big on taking chances but while I'm sitting in the 4th he sounds pretty solid, theres also a Dt Cariun Reid and Aj Mccarron is there. So i take a look at there stats and also look at lsu's Anthony Johnson. Cariun Reid has the size and seems to be a rush man that could be plugged in at the 1 tech and give Marinelli another body to work with so ill Shy away from Thomas knowing i invested a 1st round in the young man from UCLA. With the 19th pick in the 4th i select Cariun Reid
  • With the 119Pick in the draft select Cariun Reid

5th Round:

  • In the 5th Im looking for Smaller school players or players that have fallen on the board. Walt Aikens a small school corner is someone i might look at, a project qb, versatile Rb and some back up linemen. If Thomas is still here in the 5th it will be difficult to shy away from him. One guy i really wanna look at is De'Anthony Thomas from Oregon because of Linehan but im keeping in mind the current Running backs we have.
  • As my pick comes up i have available to me De'Anthony Thomas, Walt Aikens, Deion Belue, and a center in Gabe Ikard to which i have read up from on here. So im going to turn to and look at some of the draft analysis. Im also gonna look at Ethan Westbrooks DE. After reading all the info on Belue is brittle and i dont need another injury concerned CB we have that in Mo, Thomas has mechanical problems that can be changed and fixed and would ad a home run hitter but we have one present in Dunbar (Yes i know this is how you build to lose by assuming but Running backs are a dime a dozen) Walt Aikens is gonna be a project player, I read a ILB Jordan Zumwalt's summary and it seemed to fit the RKG and reminds me of a poor mans Sean Lee and remembering how ravaged our Linebacker corps were last year its a thought that keeps me on edge. With just drafting Fredbeard I'm gonna go ahead and gamble that Ikard would make it to the 7th when we pick. So the consideration comes down to Zumwalt and Thomas. I have 2 undersized Skill players in Beasely and Dunbar to which Thomas would take, I Can't stand Ernie sims and would like to have a rookie push him off the roster so Zumwalt will be my selection.
  • With the 158th Pick of the Draft I select Jordan Zumwalt


  • After doing this exercise as often as I do i decided to chart it and get a consensus of what the BtB community would think of my thought process and how i believe the draft should be conducted. I selected to trade back twice in the first round. The first time was to see who would still be on boards because i feel like Jernigan is a 1 tech so it was an easy choise however when i hit 21 from GB it looked bleak i still felt that that position was to rich for any of the players i would like so i bit the bullet and traded back with the 49ers however when they traded up they took the guy i wanted most at 30 which was Jernigan. Once i got to 30 really all i had left was a bunch of DE to which i figure i would have at least 1 quality DE in the 3rd, i had no Dt i valued to take at 30, I went off Bryan Broaddus big board as i trust him and obtained 5 in his top 50 through the First 3 rounds. However in the 4th i went away from Thomas which would have put 5 from Broaddus's board he had Su'a-filo over Ward and so i gambled from the 2nd time of the night and got lucky to have Ward slip up into my lap at 47. One of the reason's i like ward besides injury concerns over easley is because Dallas needs a ball hawk desperately in the secondary and Ward has the ability. I was a big Eric Reid fan last year and This year Ward is my pet cat so to speak. I feel like i accomplished my goals of filling team needs. My final pick in the 5th was by chance he was there i had never taken a look at him. When i read he was a competitive guy that upped his level of play when things were on the line not to mention he threw himself around i decided i wanted him over another skill guy. However its just my opinion and i would love to hear what Ya'lls opinions on my approach to the draft and if Ya'll would have done something different with a selection, maybe more insight on a prospect I chose over.

Final Picks of the Exercise


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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