O Line check list complete .... JUST IN TIME!

I have taken a lot of time management classes and training designed to improve production and have conducted this same training multiple times with the bottom line being that you have to make the time and use your other available resources for the things that are most important and push the background noise and "shiny things" to the back burner.

A primary example of this is showing how to manage the everyday, mundane tasks juxtaposed with what we want for ourselves. We call the important things in life like family, friends, and career progression as the Big Rocks and the everyday emails and routine tasks as the sands of wasted time.

What is important to Jason Garrett is rebuilding a team that had suffered with too much age, and not enough talent. And with a general lack of a master plan in recent memory. It would seem that one of the more important "Big Rocks" for his team is the Offense, which makes sense coming from his background as a QB and a QB coach, then Offensive Coordinator. And as a former QB he inherently understands the philosophy of it all starts up front. I believe Jason has successfully convinced the Jones family leadership that he can help them with their biggest rock of all and that is returning the Dallas Cowboys to a Championship team.

We upgraded all positions (in some positions the upgrades were small, but upgrades nonetheless) along the OL in each of the previous 4 years. We still had a weakness in the middle however and a threat of regression on the right side.

Now comes the 2014 draft and dreams of RUSHmen and sackMASTERS were dancing in our heads! Upgrade the Defensive line was our cry, and the phantom known as Aaron Donald was our dream scene at 16. This dream and the fallback fantasy of a lighting fast blitzer coming from a soon to be converted OLB faded to black as our 10 minutes in the spotlight began.

So now what to do? Those chasers of shiny things and Aggie dreams were screaming and dancing their strange little ritual dances and the heads that speak overpowered the meek with tales of matches made in football heaven. But our leaders remained calm in the gale force winds and heaved the big rock with the name Zach Martin on it into the mouth of the hot air storm. Yes, they had looked to their checklist of important things and knew the good feeling they would collectively have by checking one very large item off their to do list.

Offensive line rebuild /CHECK Completed. And who does not love to check a heavy task off of the list at day's end? Yes the sayers of Nay will have their way by pointing to next year, and the possible need for another of the same, but for today that need has gone away and we can look to another.

JUST IN TIME I said on top and I say again my friend. For we will need that Dallas wall to be thick and tall when facing the scheduled enemies of this coming fall.

Defensive rankings in 2013 for our most fierce opponents this year:

By Yards = 1. SEA / 4. NO / 5. SF / 6. AZ / 7. HOU / 8. NYG / 15. STL

Scoring Def = 1. SEA / 3. SF / 4. NO / 7. AZ / 13. STL

These teams did not rest on their laurels either, after day 2 of this 2014 NFL Draft, the following defensive picks and Free Agent signings have been added to these already stout defenders.

AZ Signed CB Patrick Peterson and Antonio Cromartie to go with the honey badger, Tyrann Mathieu, then drafted SS Deone Bucannon and DE Kareem Martin

Chicago had a bad defense last year but drafted heavily for the D with CB Kyle Fuller, and 2 Def Tackles included BTB target Will Sutton

The Saints signed Free Agent CB Champ Bailey and added another CB in the draft.

The 49ers drafted another hard nosed ILB early.

The Texans - oh my the Texans! All they did was add Jadeveon Clowney and DT Louis Nix to the existing studs they have in JJ Watt and Brian Cushing

And last but certainly most painful is the RAMS addition of Superman DT Aaron Donald to their line that includes Robert Quinn and Michael Brockers. Then the LB corps shatters the remaining pieces of offenses with Alec Ogletree and that renowned QB killer Caleb Mcsurdy (watch that guy)

And yea, lets just skip the Legion for now, ok?

My point being that most everyone we face this year - well not the teams in our division of course - has a top notch defense and made off season moves to get better. So do we fight fire with fire? NO silly saying! We fight fire with water! To put out the fire of a burning hot pass rush we need a wall of firetrucks with hoses on full blast. A fierce pass rush of our own would be great fun to watch, but if Antonio Ramiro Romo is watching that same Dallas pass rush from a recovery room we are doomed anyway.

So the completed checklist of Offensive line rebuilt came .... Just In Time.

Mr. Garrett you have the Control, prepare for takeoff.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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