Giving second for Clairborne made more sense than this...

Consider this: The Cowboys decided they were going to draft for need this year

They had 3 players they identified as top end talent to play right defense end. When they are on the clock in the first round two of those players have already been drafted. To this point everything had played out like mostly as they had predicted except for the Giants picking Odell Beckham. Thanks to the Cowboys war room camera you could see the internal wrenching that had caused when that pick was made. They had almost assuredly setup a great trade scenario with San Francisco to trade back and pickup additional picks. The primary target of that trade back was also likely Demarcus Lawrence. But that opportunity was gone and they were sitting on the clock with two options:

  1. Keep their pick and turn it in for Zack Martin. This is what the scouts wanted. This is what the scouts all but demanded. Going back to last year there is still an internal rift between the men who run the Cowboys and the scouts who work for them. Bryan Broadus is closely connected with these scouts and still vents about how they made the wrong move last year in trading away from Shariff Floyd. How we got ripped according to his chart and got taken in the trade. He sticks to his guns despite admitting that the trade also happened to have clearly worked out in the favor of the Cowboys. This strange feeling of resentment is still heavily present amongst the scouts. And a year later we are paying the price.
  2. So here we are on the clock in the 1st and Stephen Jones is shaking his head and slamming down phones. He's got the Cleveland Browns offering their third round pick to move up but he knows his scouts are screaming for him to take Zack Martin. You can see it all play out in the war room. In the end they decide there is not enough value there in the trade offers and he bites the bullet to take Martin. The scouts applaud the move.

Now here is where I am really shaking my head. They went into this draft knowing they were going to fill the right defense end position. And they had targeted only three players who fit the mold. My question is if the filling of this position was so important and you essentially only had 1 player left on the entire draft board who could do it why in the world are you dealing with it in the second round?

They had the opportunity to slide back to the Browns 26th pick and grab Demarcus Lawrence and pick up an extra third round pick in the process.

I have no problem with drafting Martin if you're going to stick to the rule of drafting BPA for every pick. But if they knew they wanted Demarcus Lawrence to the point they were prepared to lose high draft picks then why not have the foresight to get Lawrence and extra picks in the process? Isn't four top picks including Lawrence better than just two picks including Lawrence?

The depth in this year's draft was huge and the first three rounds were filled with top talent. After this there was a considerable dropoff and you can see it with our own fourth round pick.

Everyone knew draft success this year was going to come to the teams who could grab players in those first few rounds. We had three picks in the first three rounds and turned it into two. And we could have had four but didn't want to take back "bad value" in return.

So we get Martin & Lawrence. But we could have taken Lawrence, Billy Martin (OT), Trai Turner (OG), and still another top prospect (top end receiver?). Everybody keeps taking about what we lost by giving up our third round pick to get Lawrence but the bigger question should be what three players did we give up to get Martin? Wouldn't you rather have Billy Turner, Trai Turner, and another young prospect instead of a tackle who has never played guard before?? Again I ask if they wanted Demarcus Lawrence so bad why didn't they think this through better??

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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