Are You Smarter Than Calvin?

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, draftniks of all ages, get ready for ‘The Most Embarrassing Show on Earth’.

Today I present to you the opportunity to compete head to head, in a battle of prognostication and wits, against the man we all love to hate; one Calvin Watkins.

Over my years here at BtB I have read, countless times, complaints that Calvin Watkins does not know what he is talking about. Well, here is your chance to put your money where your mouth is; or, in other words, put up or shut up.

Over the past two weeks, Calvin Watkins and Todd Archer have been doing a series of articles titled Beyond The First Round, in which, they have highlighted players in 10 different position groups who they believe may be available in rounds 2-7 of the upcoming NFL Draft. Many have criticized the projections of Watkins, so I decided to make a friendly competition out of it.

The rules of the game are simple.

What I will do: Below I will provide you all with the list of prospects at each position group and the round that Watkins projects them to be drafted.

What you must do: Take that same list of prospects and give us the round you project them to be drafted. You must pick a single round. If you say Prospect X will go in the 4/5 round, then you will be scored for the worse, not the better of the two.

How the winner will be determined: Once the 2014 NFL Draft is complete, we will score the projections vs. the actual round the prospect was drafted. For each round your projection is off, you will be given 2 points (i.e., if you say Prospect X will be drafted in the 5th round, yet the prospect is actually drafted in the 3rd round, then you will be awarded 4 points). For the purposes of scoring, all prospects that go undrafted will be treated as 8th rounders; so if you think a certain prospect will undrafted, then say so in your projections. Once all of your projections have been scored, you will be given a cumulative score. The higher the score, the worse you did; meaning that a score of zero is a prefect score.

The Prize: For those that score better than Calvin, you get bragging rights. If you are feeling particularly smug about it, then feel free to send a Tweet out to good ole Calvin and let him know about it. For those that score worse than Calvin, you get to hang your head in shame and, if you are a good sport about it, must add "Calvin is smarter than me" to your signature for one calendar month.

Are you brave enough to step up to the challenge? Good! Here we go; the following are Calvin's prospect projections (by position group):

Running Backs:

Bishop Sankey (Washington) 2nd Round

Jeremy Hill (LSU) 3rd Round

Lache Seastrunk (Baylor) 4th Round

Charles Sims (West Virginia) 5th Round

Tim Flanders (Sam Houston State) 6th Round

Silas Redd (USC) 7th Round

Tight Ends:

Jace Amaro (Texas Tech) 2nd Round

C.J. Fiedorowicz (Iowa) 3rd Round

Arthur Lynch (Georgia) 4th Round

Jake Murphy (Utah) 5th Round

A.C. Leonard (Tennessee State) 6th Round

Jordan Najvar (Baylor) 7th Round

Inside Linebackers:

Chris Borland (Wisconsin) 2nd Round

Shayne Skov (Stanford) 3rd Round

Yawin Smallwood (Connecticut) 4th Round

Max Bullough (Michigan State) 5th Round

Brock Coyle (Montana) 6th Round

Avery Williamson (Kentucky) 7th Round


Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech) 2nd Round

Bradley Roby (Ohio State) 3rd Round

Stan Jean-Baptiste (Nebraska) 4th Round

Jason Verrett (TCU) 5th Round

Lamarcus Joyner (Florida State) 6th Round

Pierre Desire (Lindenwood) 7th Round

Defensive Ends:

Dee Ford (Auburn) 2nd Round

Chris Smith (Arkansas) 3rd Round

Demarcus Lawrence (Boise State) 4th Round

Kareem Martin (North Carolina) 5th Round

Jackson Jeffcoat (Texas) 6th Round

Marcus Smith (Louisville) 7th Round

There you have it folks; 30 prospects. Let the competition begin!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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