Is Zach Martin the next Kevin Gogan?

While the rest of Cowboys Nation was bemoaning the umpteenth injury to Sean Lee, the talented yet oft injured defensive captain, there was one thing everyone seemed to miss…

…Zach Martin.

Look, let’s be honest. Sean Lee is not the future of the Dallas Cowboys. He flashes brilliance in one play and then in the next play he merely looks the wrong way and comes up lame. This isn’t new and shouldn’t be surprising. Sean Lee is an injury machine. The pick of Lee by the Cowboys when he was drafted came with myriad red flags that he was often injured in college as well. What would be different about the NFL? Nothing, we find out. If Lee can’t stay healthy in a non-pad’s practice then let him rehab for the year and let his replacement be thrown into the fire and let’s all move on.

But, watching Zach Martin pull on the play Lee was injured on was tantalizing. He reminds me of a Kevin Gogan type. First, this is a big guy. A great big ole dude running like a fleet fullback – zeroing in on the player (Lee) in his way and basically pancakes him – with no pads on! LOVE IT! This is what I want to see from this guy in games. If he can take out Sean Lee, lets see what he can do to other stud linebackers in the NFL. Ya know? I watched the replay of "the injury" and instead of trying to see which direction Lee’s knee went, all I could do was watch this hulking giant dude run his – you know what – over and then fall on him for good measure! Nasty? Maybe? Impressive. Even without pad’s. This could be fun, folks.

You know, it does bite that Lee can’t stay on the filed – especially when the team needs him most – but, let’s deal with that reality right now. First OTA. Let’s get it over with early. Lee is injury prone. Miles Austin was injury prone. Two players who have toyed with the emotions of Cowboy’s fan’s everywhere. Guess what? I don’t care to be played anymore. Where some see the demise of Sean Lee – again – I see the possible emergence of one Zach Martin. What seems to me to be a possible playmaker on the other side of the ball.

So, Cowboys fans, lets all take a deep breath and marvel at what may be one of the most dominant offensive lines in football taking shape right in front of our eyes. Let’s all redirect to a real concern, Tony Romo making it through the season with his new back. Let’s all re-focus on the new DeMarcus and hope he is half as good as the old one. In other words… Sean Lee, get yer butt to the asthma field!! We need to assess the future of this young team with players who can stay on the real field.

Hello, Zach Martin! What a way to say hello to the NFL in your first real practice! Keep up the stellar work, dude.

Go Cowboys!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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