Top draft targets: A three round mini board

Oh snap, draft day is almost here, and I need to find a way to pass these last agonizing hours. What better way than to write about the draft?

The following is my Cowboys centric little board, the top five players we should be targeting in each of the first three rounds. It’s based off of the best players which could be available when we pick(assuming we stay put in each round) at a position that our team has a need at, ranked from most desirable to least desirable. It may be a little controversial, but keep in mind that being a great player doesn’t always make you a top target when there is an equally great player at a position of higher need available.

1st Round:

Anthony Barr - DE

Ha Ha Clinton Dix - FS

Zach Martin - OG

Timmy Jernigan - DT

Brandon Cooks – WR

Who plays defensive end for the Cowboys? Things look better after the signing of Anthony Spencer, but it’s definitely the weakest point on our roster, and one which Barr could fill, making him our top first round target. Ha Ha could contribute pedigree and talent to our second most questionable roster position. Zach Martin would be an upgrade to an already solid personnel group, and could elevate the line to superstar status. Jernigan would be ranked higher if we didn’t run a tampa 2, but he would make an excellent 1 tech. Cooks could give us the burner we need to take the top off of opposing defenses. You may notice I left out a certain undersized tackle who plays at one of the deepest positions on our team. I also don’t feel that a smaller pass rushing linebacker with no coverage experience makes a great target for a tampa two team.

2nd Round:

Demarcus Lawrence – DE

Cody Latimer – WR

Dominique Easley - DT

Gabe Jackson – OG

Terrence Brooks – FS

Similar position groups are to be had in the second round, which means that what we don’t fix in the first can be fixed in the second. Demarcus Lawrence is a risk/reward prospect, whose size is a consideration. Latimer is the kind of talent who can step in and contribute if either of our top receivers go down, and would make a reliable third receiver. Easley could be a steal if his injury problems don’t persist. Jackson is a talent upgrade who would turn one of our current starters into high quality depth, and Brooks would be our first true free safety in years. Noteable exclusions include Kareem Martin, Dee Ford, a slew of strong safety types, and Jimmy Garoppolo, because they either won’t contribute this year or simply aren’t as good as their counterparts above.

3rd Round:

Keith McGill – CB

Billy Turner – OT

Will Clarke – DE

Paul Richardson – WR

Daquone Jones – DT

We shake things up in the third round by adding an offensive tackle to the list of top targets. The third is definitely where we should look hard at tackles, and Turner is the nastiest and most physically gifted tackle likely to be available. If we haven’t picked up an Easley or a Jernigan at this point, Daquone Jones is the poor man’s pocket pusher. Keith McGill might seem like a bit of a reach in the third, but he’s the kind of player our team needs. Big, physical, and can press and bail like our coverage scheme requires. Paul Richardson is a role player at wide receiver, a good route runner with soft hands who gives us a good third option and could take over for Williams if he were hurt. Will Clarke could easily come in and rotate as a pass rusher.

What do you think? These are players that I have identified through intensive film…errr…youtube study and research. Are my rankings way off? Do you think we should value Aaron Donald more even though we already have several 3 techs? Do you agree with the rankings?

Personally, I think that coming away with any three of the fifteen players listed above makes our team better on day 1 of the coming season.

Happy Draft BTB

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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