D-Law; from the perspective of a guy who lives in Boise

I'll try to keep this short and sweet, so first things first....

I' like the player, but hate the trade. I thought we paid too much, I felt there was so much talent on the board we could let the draft come to us, and I thought that 3rd rounder would net us a pretty stout player in a draft this deep. But Dallas has an entire staff of pros for a reason, and I'm just a guy sitting on his couch watching the show. So I choose to trust the FO, who I feel has done very well lately.

I root for more teams than most people it seems, so here's a brief explanation...feel free to skip if you're not curious.

I, and the vast majority of my entire family, are from Texas. I was basically raised in Florida though, with midwest family values. The USAF has taken me all over the world. I wound up in Boise, where I eventually transitioned to Active Guard, and remain to this's been about 8 years now and is the longest stretch of time I have stayed anywhere in my life. So I'm a Cowboys fan, FSU Seminole fan, and Boise St. Bronco fan.

My impressions of Demarcus Lawrence, who Bronco fans pridefully refer to as D-Law...

A) Don't worry about character concerns. Coach Petersen ran a tight ship up here in regards to team rules. Lots of players get suspended for things that would make an SEC player strongly consider transferring immediately. Pete never cared what game it was, or how important the situation. If you broke his rules, you sat...end of story.

B) I've never really seen a player 'run the arc' in college as gracefully as D-Law. I've seen him get ridiculously low to the ground, while running an impossible curve at crazy speeds. I'm not saying he's the best ever at it, or even the best in college last year. I'm just saying that I've watched a lot of CFB, high level included, and this guy caught my eye. If you want a good mental picture of what I mean, watch an Italian Motorcycle race. When that Ducati takes the first curve and you see that rider's knee centimeters from the asphalt...that moment right there is D-Law in his element.

C) He's very disruptive. The mere threat of his presence causes a ripple effect for the entire DL, the OL is forced to call coverages revolving around his burst.

D) Last year was so ho-hum for him, I actually commented here that I thought he has talent that doesn't show up sometimes, that he could disappear. Later, I recalled how down of a year the entire BSU team had. They just seemed to be in a funk, like they were just trying to keep their heads above water. With Pete moving on to the Huskies job, I can sort of guess now why the whole team seemed flat.

E) In regards to the above, consider the following...

- The 2013 BSU DL was a shambles. Some recruits didn't come through, as well as JC transfers. As a result, we were very shallow and guys were spent at the end of the year from all the playing time. D-Law was the only real force that needed to be dealt with on a consistent basis, so OL's were able to gameplan him much better. Keep this in mind when watching highlights of 2013 games.

- On the other hand, in 2012 we had a freshman phenom named Sam Ukwuachu at the other DE spot, the depth was better at DE, and the DT position was filled with 5th year seniors. Ukwuachu would eventually be kicked off the team, winding up at Baylor, but for the 2012 season, he and D-Law absolutely terrorized MWC backfields. Watch the Michigan St. game for big school action.

F) Playmaker; sometimes a guy just seems to have a knack. Whatever 'it' is, D-Law has it. His agility, overall athleticism, and length allow him to stretch plays to the sideline, make incredibly rangy tackles when you think he's out of the play with a bad angle, stretch out and grab a QB's ankle or shoulder, strip the football because, to the ball carrier, D-Law 'feels' like he's not close enough yet to make a play on the ball, and generally cause a lot of mayhem.

Here is a highlight video made by one of the video editing fans. It was put together back in April 2013, so it's 2012 season highlights. Be forewarned, as a fanmade video, it's full of bias. Sorry if it's just a link instead of an embedded video. Copy and paste if that's the case.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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