5 Not-Exactly-Scientific Reasons I Believe the D-Line Will Flourish This Year



First time post or comment on BTB BTW. Gotta admit I'm a Mavs fan 1a, Cowboys fan 1b. I don't even care about any other sports teams period, so I do love my Cowboys, like a lot - yet, somehow, I just discovered BTB. Hugh!?

Anyhow, let's start this off right with a Fanpost that's not exactly based in traditional logic. That's my speciality. I have also been referred to as Captain Silver Lining; I just try to stay positive and have fun with my sports teams, so you won't see much 'hate' from me on this blog.

The D-Line is going to be sick this year. Here's a list of 5 reasons why.

1. They are young and dumb. As strange as it seems, I mean that in a complimentary way. I like my D-Line to play with reckless abandon, with nothing to lose and something to prove. Just look at the age of our D-Line as the roster stands today; avg. age 25.5 (that's even lower when you remove old PUP Spencer's age of 30 from the equation).

Here's the ten I'm projecting as of now to make the Week 1 squad: Ben Bass-24, Ken Bishop-23, Tyrone Crawford-24, Ben Gardner-23, DeMarcus Lawrence-22, Terrell McClain-25, Henry Melton-27, George Selvie-27, Nick Hayden-28 & Jeremy Mincy-30.

I love Bass and I believe! So I have Davon Coleman losing out to him and making the PS, and vets like Okoye, Rayford, and Wilson getting cut for the young bucks. But what if Coleman were to beat out say Hayden? Would anybody really complain about that? Not me, and we just got that much younger on the D-Line. Whaley and Spencer aren't seeing the field for a while.

2. Being young and dumb also means you have a lot to learn, and between Rod and Big Cat, they have a TON to teach. Combined, they may possibly form the best D-Line guru duo in the game. Rod & Big Cat going to get the most out of them, that's for sure.

3. 14 legitimate D-Lineman battling for 10, maybe 9 roster spots. These dudes will have battle scars by the time camp ends, making them primed for when the real thing starts. Competition throughout camp going to make soldiers out of the few that make the cut.

4. There's not a lot of tape on these guys - i.e. outside of watching college tape or Melton's tape from two years ago, etc. opposing line coaches don't have squat to go off.

5. Rod going to bring these guys like the Pacific; in waves. Bringing vets in waves is one thing, bringing 23-yr-old fresh legs in waves is quite another story. Excited to see how this pans out, I'm thinking they'll get after the QB, something that is desperately needed to make this system work (hell, to make any defensive system work for that matter).

There you have it, apologize to you all in advance for having to put up with my rants now that I've discovered BTB. Go 'Boys.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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