Jekyll and Hyde...The most two-face team ever?

If nothing else, this is shaping up to be a very interesting season. I"m going to do my best to be reasonable about things in this post. Some blind optimism and some abject pessimism will probably creep in, but for the most part, i'll try to be a realist.

First, the positive...and by that i mean the Offense.

Looking at the offense, and making a bold, dangerous assumption of few or no injuries, I can't see the weakness. Let's break it down like James Brown:

O-Line: If Martin pans out, there is a good chance that we have the best offensive line in the league. Tryon is a beast, Fredbeard is a beast, Martin can be a beast, the rotation at the other guard spot should keep the players fresh. Mighty fine looking line.

Receivers: Dez had 1233 yards and 13 touchdowns. He's basically uncoverable 1-on-1. I believe Twill could be a #1 receiver on many other squads. 736 yards and 5 TDs while being arguably the 3rd target is pretty great. Throw in all the great reviews of The Bease, Devin "Easy" Street, and of course the Senator, that's a mighty fine looking corps.

Backs: DeMarco Murray is a pro-bowler with a +1000 yard season in what i would call "limited" touches. I certainly would not say the running game was "featured" last season. Throw in Dunbar's potential, and again, a mighty fine looking duo.

Romo: It's all about health.

So there you go: A high octane offense that should be able to put up points in a variety of ways.

But then there is the defense:

D-Line: Do I really need to go into this? it's well documented. And while there is hope, if you look at the d-line for what it currently is (a group of recovering guys who have bounced around the league), it's not promising.

Corners: While there is talent in this group, it mysteriously goes missing for large chunks of seasons. the ceiling here is high, but the floor is pretty low, and we've been closer to the latter the last year or two.

Safeties: Again, a lot of potential, very little proof. While I have a lot of faith in Wilcox, the rest of the group, not so much.

Linebackers: Can i just copy and paste? Some young guys that look like they can play, but haven't yet. And then Carter and Durant, two vets that had less than stellar campaigns last year.

So if the stars aligned, the defense could be good. Maybe even better than that. But odd are it's going to struggle to be "ok."

As I said, it's shaping up to be interesting. Can the young guys on the D pull it together? Can the offense live up to the hype? How many games this season will the Boys force less than 3 punts? How many of those losses will still get blamed on Romo? How many points will we beat SF by in the opener?

I can't wait for the season to start....Get Yo Popcorn Ready!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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