Please Welcome Two New Front-Page Writers To Blogging The Boys

Tom Pennington

We're adding to the roster...

Hello BTB Community,

As you can tell from the title of this post, it's time to announce a couple of new additions to the front-page here at BTB. But before I do that, let me say a few things.

1) I was really overwhelmed by the amount of response we got to the call for new writers. It really shows the strength of this community that we are never short of knowledgeable fans who are committed to the Cowboys and this site. The state of BTB is strong! The number of applicants also meant it was hard to narrow it down, and we had to turn down a handful of guys who were so close to making it. That's always hard to do and I'm sorry for those who were turned down.

2) When I first posted the "help wanted" article, lots of you had your favorites that you mentioned in the comments. I liked a lot of the guys you mentioned, too, but bear in mind that many of those guys didn't apply. The life of a front-page writer is a busy one and not something everybody wants to take on. So we didn't ignore your recommendations, but most of those members didn't apply for the job.

3) In general, we like to promote people who have been very active in the FanPosts or who write excellent comments in the threads. The two writers were bringing up at this time fit that mold. I am also talking with some candidates who might be helping us in video, podcasting, social media or other areas that won't be immediately recognized by the community if they join us. If they do come aboard, hopefully you will give them a warm welcome anyway because they have specific skills in areas we need and they also love them some Dallas Cowboys. These other candidates were specifically recommended to me by other editors/writers on staff here.

So without further blah, blah from me, our two new writers are CoachGary and neithan20000.

CoachGary has written plenty of Fanposts that have gotten a ton of rec's from you guys, he loves talking X's and O's along with other topics. His Football 101 series has always been popular.

Our other pick, neithan20000, hasn't been as prolific in the FanPosts, but he is prolific in the comments and he gets rec'ed by the community almost anytime he posts a comment. He's interested in looking at the Cowboys management and busting Dallas memes that pop up around the Internet.

Please join me in welcoming these two new writers at BTB. I'm sure they'll uphold the high quality of posting we have here and they will also bring fresh, new perspectives to the table. Congrats!

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