Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Tony Romo Is The King Of The 4th Quarter TD

Ronald Martinez

Latest Cowboys headlines: From 2007-2013, Tony Romo has thrown for more 4th quarter TDs than any other QB; Cowboys looking for veteran guard depth; Who is Mr. Indispensible?

Here's a summary of the leaderboard the data in the Tweet above is taken from. The table below shows the Top 20 active QBs as ranked by their 4th quarter TDs. The table is sortable, just click on the blue column headers to sort to your heart's delight. The full list with the 130 players who threw at least one 4th quarter TD between 2007 and 2013 can be found at Pro Football Reference.

4th Quarter Passing, 2007-2013
Player Games
Y/A Passer
Tony Romo 98 596 943 63.2% 7,618 62 23 2.70 8.1 100.2
Drew Brees 111 713 1145 62.3% 8,254 57 34 1.68 7.2 88.2
Eli Manning 112 563 988 57.0% 6,960 55 40 1.38 7 80.6
Philip Rivers 112 568 937 60.6% 7,006 51 33 1.55 7.5 87.2
Tom Brady 97 531 870 61.0% 6,385 51 19 2.68 7.3 94
Peyton Manning 96 507 803 63.1% 5,997 51 16 3.19 7.5 98.7
Jay Cutler 99 491 848 57.9% 5,804 46 35 1.31 6.8 79.7
Aaron Rodgers 87 418 663 63.0% 5,320 46 16 2.88 8 101.1
Carson Palmer 92 571 985 58.0% 6,353 40 35 1.14 6.4 76
Ben Roethlisberger 102 514 849 60.5% 6,245 39 27 1.44 7.4 85.2
Matt Ryan 94 573 944 60.7% 6,218 36 28 1.29 6.6 80.5
Joe Flacco 96 451 750 60.1% 5,161 34 23 1.48 6.9 83.2
Matt Cassel 68 361 656 55.0% 4,227 34 25 1.36 6.4 76.2
Matthew Stafford 61 423 767 55.1% 5,001 33 21 1.57 6.5 78.1
Ryan Fitzpatrick 74 421 721 58.4% 4,482 33 37 0.89 6.2 70.5
Josh Freeman 60 365 646 56.5% 4,290 27 20 1.35 6.6 77.9
Matt Schaub 88 499 819 60.9% 5,521 26 26 1.00 6.7 78.3
Jason Campbell 72 395 675 58.5% 4,377 24 16 1.50 6.5 79.8
Matt Hasselbeck 72 382 646 59.1% 4,190 22 26 0.85 6.5 73
Alex Smith 67 294 517 56.9% 3,083 22 15 1.47 6 76.4


Cowboys meet with OG Garrett Reynolds | National Football Post
According to Adan Caplan from NFL.com, the Cowboys met with former Atlanta guard Garrett Reynolds, who could potentially provide some veteran depth as a backup guard.

Everyone is saying the right things about Claiborne - ESPN Washington
Word of Claiborne's OTA antics has made its way to Washington.

Everyone is saying the right things about Claiborne, as you would expect. But they like that he's competing. One nugget: Claiborne pulled a rookie corner off the field in order to face receiver Dez Bryant in practice.

"Me and him talked about it before we even started up that we want to be the best and we want to go against each other," Claiborne said. "We feel like we both compete at a high level. I get good work when I go against him and it's vice versa. When I'm not up there, he's telling me to come. We're trying to help each other so we can be the best for our team."

10 things we learned at Dallas Cowboys minicamp | Jon Machota, DMN
Machota lists his top ten from minicamp last week, and concludes his list with two points about the state of the offense and defense.

9.) The Cowboys should be one of the best offensive units in the NFL this year if Romo can remain healthy. With a new play-caller, another first-round pick on the offensive line and young players gaining experience, Cowboys chief operating officer Stephen Jones said he thinks their offense can be elite.

10.) With so many questions on defense, the offense will likely need to carry the team. With Lee out and Jason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware on new teams, a defense that finished last in the league in 2013 might not be improved. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stopped to chat with reporters last week and said he thinks the defense will be better. Why? Well, Jerry said: "Because we were so bad last year there is no place [to go] but up."

Cowboys' Twitter mailbag - Who is Mr. Indispensible - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
There's not a lot of Cowboys news, so we're revisiting Archer's Twitter mailbag. Archer looks at who Mr. Indispensible could be on offense and defense, and does a number on the "When Murray gets 20 carries, the Cowboys win" meme.

Conventional wisdom says DeMarco Murray because when he gets 20 carries in a game, the Cowboys win. I hate that stat. If it really means what it says it means, then Murray should get the ball on the first 20 plays of every game. We all know it doesn't work that way. But I'm also of the opinion that the running back position has been devalued. I think the Cowboys could get by without Murray. Would they be as good? No, but they would not be lost.

To me, if they lost Jason Witten, then they would be in trouble. Witten has been a mainstay. He does everything. The passing game has missed receivers over the years, but Romo has been able to throw for more than 300 yards in game whether he has Kevin Ogletree, Laurent Robinson or Dwayne Harris playing big roles. Without Witten, I don't know that that would continue. And in the running game, Witten can set the edge. He's not a blow-them-up blocker, but he can displace defensive ends and linebackers to allow backs to pick holes.

On defense, I really didn't have a candidate, but if I did, I'd probably go with Barry Church. I don't know what they would do at safety without him. The defense would take a different look, for sure.

Orton more likely than not to show up, eventually | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio, who hasn't been arrested yet, summarizes the Orton situation:

The current thinking is that Orton will eventually report for duty, with a 70-30 chance of Orton walking through the door when training camp opens. The other alternative is retirement, which would cost Orton $3 million of his $5 million signing bonus from 2012.

Giants adds DT Everett Dawkins | NJ.com
The Cowboys signed Dawkins off the Vikings' practice squad on Nov. 6 last year and released him 20 days later after he had played 20 snaps in one game. The 6-3, 305-pound defensive tackle will compete for a spot inside on the Giants defense.


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