Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft

Should Dallas Draft A QB This Year?

Dallas has its franchise quarterback - but for how long? And just what approach should the Cowboys take to finding his eventual replacement.

Will McClay: Point Man For Cowboys' Draft

After two seasons of severely cap-limited free agent acquisitions, the Cowboys cannot afford even minor missteps in the draft. A lot of the responsibility for fixing that has been placed on Will McClay, but he still has to get Jerry Jones to let go.

Late Round Receiver Options For Cowboys

Some more possibilites for Dallas to consider with the multiple seventh round picks this year.

Cowboys Looking For Seventh-Round Bargains

While the players vying to be picked early in the draft get most of the attention, the Dallas Cowboys are currently scheduled to be making over half their picks in the seventh round. Here are a couple of names that the Cowboys might be interested in.

Cowboys Looking To Draft A Cornerback?

All eyes are on defensive line candidates for the Dallas Cowboys to draft, but the team seems to want to draft best player available. Some recent activity hints that cornerback may be another position to watch when the draft kicks off.

How Will 7th Round Picks Help Dallas?

The Cowboys go into the NFL with six picks in the seventh round. Here is a look at how the kinds of players Dallas may get have fared in the NFL as a whole.

The Value Of A Seventh-Round Pick

At the moment, Dallas has six picks in the seventh round of the NFL Draft, and will have at least three no matter what they try to do with the others. So what good is a pick in the last round of the draft?

Comp Draft Picks Awarded, Dallas Gets Three Extras

The NFL announced the compensatory picks for this year's draft at the annual Owners' Meeting. Teh Cowboys picked up three extras late in the draft.

Brett Smith: Good Fit For Cowboys?

With rumors of Kyle Orton possibly retiring, and Tony Romo not getting any younger, Dallas may be looking for a developmental quarterback in the draft, possibly an undervalued one they can get late. Wyoming's Brett Smith may just fit the bill.

Cowboys Fans Hoping For Too Much In Draft?

The expectations of Dallas fans for the NFL Draft are already showing signs that they need to be tempered.


Are First Round Quarterbacks Sliding?

As the NFL Draft gets closer, the first round seems to just get harder to figure, particularly regarding quarterbacks.

Building A First Round Board For Dallas

Time for some make believe, as we pretend to be Will McClay putting together the first-round board for the Cowboys.

Could Manziel In Dallas Be A Possibility?

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly happen, the swirling vortex of media attention around Johnny Football has now pulled the Cowboys into its deadly grasp.

News: More From Jerry Jones, Donald Wows

The Combine is winding down. Here is a bit of what was going on the next to last day.

Combine News And Notes: Jerry Jones Speaks

I know it is shocking, but they put some microphones in front of Jerry Jones, and the Dallas owner had a thing or two to say. Plus some other Combine stuff.

What Happens If Kyle Orton Retires From Cowboys?

Word is now out that Dallas' backup quarterback may decide to retire before the coming season. This could have a major impact on the team's priorities this offseason.

Aaron Donald Or Bust For Cowboys In 1st?

Do you think Dallas has to draft a defensive lineman in the first round? Stephen Jones may have some news for you.

How Deep Is The 2014 Draft?

Not all NFL drafts are created equal. Sometimes, you get a real dog of a class, which is the general evaluation of the group that came out of college five years ago (the dreaded 2009 class). 2014, thankfully, looks to be much better.

Are The Cowboys Interested In Michael Sam?

Maybe the situation surrounding the man likely to be the first openly gay NFL player is more pertinent to the Cowboys than we think.

Dooms Draft Day Scenarios For Dallas

So you are sitting in Dallas War Room on the first day of the NFL draft. And your favorite targets get snatched before you get on the clock. Quick, what do you do now?

Could The Cowboys Have Their Cake And Eat It Too?

A recent high profile mock draft brings an interesting scenario into play for Dallas Cowboys fans.

Donald Vs. Pryor: Who Is Best For Cowboys?

With the draft season still building to a full head of steam, two favorites have already emerged for Dallas' first-round target. Comparing a penetrating 3-technique defensive tackle to a disruptive safety is not easy, but for many fans, that is what

It's Time To Add A Playmaker At Safety

Hard-hitting Louisville free safety Calvin Pryor is high on the list of players that the Cowboys need to consider in the 2014. He gets the job done on the field, and he does so with passion for the game and with solid technical skills.

NFL Combine: Cowboys Rooting Guide

Eight players attending the Combine qualify a 'local' players for the Cowboys, meaning they could be invited for a pre-draft visit without counting against the 30-player limit teams have for their regular pre-draft visits.

We Have Six Seven-Round Pre-Combine Mock Drafts!

With the NFL combine only a couple of weeks away, some members of the BTB staff put together full seven-round mock drafts based on our initial impressions of the draftees.

How Will The Cowboys Use Compensatory Picks?

It appears that Dallas might have three additional picks at the end of the draft. For a team that prides itself on picking up value in the UDFA market, those should be very useful.

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