Dallas Cowboys 2014 OTA

Kyle Orton No Show For Cowboys

The ongoing workouts are officially voluntary, but those who don't participate can spark rumors about their future. Kyle Orton's no-show on day one has done just that.

Cowboys Building With Draft, UDFAs

With the OTAs and minicamp concluded, we have until training camp to mull over what the 2013 edition of the Dallas Cowboys will look like. But one thing is already certain: Dallas is strongly committed to growing their own talent.

Who Stood Out At The Cowboys Minicamp?

Dallas has wrapped up the mandatory minicamp. Although an issue or two remain, the team looks to be in good shape for Oxnard.

Cowboys Have Heated Competitions Day 2 Of Minicamp

Several players stood out on the second day of the Dallas minicamp. Here's a summary of what was going on.

Cowboys Minicamp Gets Down To Business

At long last, the definitive word has come from Jason Garrett himself on who is calling plays. Now, hopefully, we can concentrate on how the Cowboys play football.

New England Moves To Steal All NFL Media Coverage

With their latest signing, the Patriots have apparently disclosed a remarkable streak of masochism.

Cowboys Address Injuries With 4-3 Defense

The switch from the complex Ryan 3-4 to the much simpler Kiffin 4-3 was not really about personnel available or conflict on the coaching staff. It was about who would not be available when the injury bug starts to bite.

Dallas Season Depends On Fixing O Line - Still

Dallas is looking to break out of the 8-8 doldrums, and there are several writers who think this will be their year. But once again, it looks like the same old thing will determine how the season goes.

Cowboys Keeping It Simple

If you are looking for a theme for what the Cowboys are trying to accomplish during the offseason, it might be this: Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Why Is Dysfunction Bigger In Dallas?

Jerry Jones once again said something that his head coach Jason Garrett would rather he not have said. Now the coverage in the media is all about the issues at Valley Ranch. There are issues, but the biggest one is not what they think.


News From Cowboys OTA (Not Involving Play Calling)

Hey, if you didn't notice, there was a practice session today for the Dallas Cowboys. You know, players on the field, competing for jobs, that kind of stuff.

Bill Callahan Outed As Cowboys Playcaller

The owner and GM of the Cowboys has all but officially designated Bill Callahan as the man who will call the plays. Everyone thinks this hurts Jason Garrett, but does it really?

Cowboys Sign TE Dante Rosario

Finding a tight end who can block and catch seems to be a priority for the Cowboys, as they picked up a free agent with who may have that combination of skills.

Changing Defenses, Changing Strategies In Dallas

A lot has been written about the mechanics and personnel fit of the Cowboys' switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 defense. The change also represents a major shift in the strategy, driven by the coaches involved.

Pressure And Tony Romo

Although the Cowboys quarterback has a reputation for avoiding pass rushes, statistics say it ain't necessarily so.

7 Players, 7 Songs. 7 Weeks Til Camp.

We all have our favorites... teams, players, songs... why not combine them! We assign theme music for 7 Cowboys players who aren't yet household names, but just might be.

Three Cowboys Veterans On The Rise

Bryan Broaddus continues to provide excellent coverage from the Dallas OTAs. He took a look at three returning players who stood out in his view.

Pete Prisco Likes The Cowboys Chances

In a unique rating system, Pete Prisco of CBS Sports ranks all 32 NFL teams based on four key positions. He has Dallas near the top of his list.

Cowboys OTA Roundup For 05/28/13

The media was allowed back in for the OTA to start the second week. Here is a quick roundup of news and information about what they saw.

No Drama So Far For Cowboys

It seems very quiet this year in Dallas, compared to the past few seasons. Hopefully, that is all for the good.

Garrett On The Hot Seat Again, Already?

The discussion of whether Jason Garrett is on the hot seat or not this year is well underway. Maybe this should wait until the team plays a game or two.

Talking About "Talking Cowboys"

I sat down and listened to the most recent episode of this program from DallasCowboys.com. Here are some topics that caught my attention and in some cases spurred some extra thought.

Cowboys' Players Rebuilding Themselves

While the team is undergoing a lot of changes to improve this season, the players in many cases are working hard to be individually better as well.

Gil Brandt: Why The Cowboys Should Win NFC East

A Cowboys legend gives his list of reasons for Dallas to top their division - but how valid are they?

OTAs: Take One! Video Summary + Depth Charts

The Cowboys opened up full team activities yesterday. Catch up on the fun.

Recapping The Cowboys' First OTA

It was all hands on deck - well, all healthy hands, anyway - as the Cowboys kicked off the first day of Organized Team Activity for 2013.

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