Dallas Cowboys 2014 Pre-Season Games

Cowboys News: Fear The Reaper


The first major cuts are history, and the Cowboys continue to gradually get healthier.

Cowboys News: Who Is Getting Healthier?


As the first cuts came, the big question remains who will be ready to go (or almost ready, anyway) to start the season for Dallas.

Cowboys: Too Many Questions Left Unanswered


If you had an uneasy feeling about the Dallas Cowboys before the third preseason game, you probably aren't feeling any better afterwards.

Carpe Diem in Dallas


The injuries seem endless for the Cowboys. But every one of them offers a chance for someone who probably would not be in the NFL if the players ahead of him had stayed healthy.

Cowboys Defensive Depth Chart: It's Madness


How can a team be expected to come up with answers when the questions change almost daily?

Who Is Likely To Be On Cowboys' Practice Squad?


The NFL is going to experiment for the next two seasons with an expanded practice squad. Here is how that could be very useful for the Cowboys this season.

Cowboys News: 10 Man Practice Squad Coming


All NFL teams will be able to keep a couple more young players to develop. Meanwhile, several Dallas players are back in practice after injury, and there's a new nickname on the team.

If Holloman Out For Cowboys, Who Takes His Place?


It is a question that has to be answered, but there is no immediate solution at hand.

Cowboys News: Romo Healthy, Defense Healthier


Dallas' offense is thought to have to carry the team. So far, Scott Linehan's playcalling is showing it can do just that.

Signs Of Life For Dallas Defense


The story of the Dallas D will still be dictated largely by injuries, but things look a lot less glum after the second pre-season game.


Cowboys Looking For Answers Against Ravens


Dallas' second pre-season game is Saturday night, and they still have lots to figure out.

Cowboys QBs: 2 Up, 1 Down After Chargers Game


The question of who backs Tony Romo up seems to be settled, but now the Cowboys may have to decide how to hide an intriguing rookie from the rest of the league.

Watching Weeden: Cowboys Fans Get First Real Look


Preseason NFL games are not about winning or losing. They are about finding out what the team has.

Looking Forward To Jason Garrett's Season


Since the end of the minicamp, we have covered the entire 90-man player roster, and shared sort-of-educated guess about how it all looks. But the players are not the entire story.

Final Cowboys 53-Man Projection


The pre-season is done. Before the real cuts happen, here are some last minute projections for how the 53-man roster will play out for the Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Fifth Step Is What It Is; Fall 24-6


The Cowboys executed their final dress rehearsal for the 2013 regular season, readying themselves for when things count. The Governor's Cup stays at home.

Cowboys vs. Texans: Game Day Open Thread II


Not much excitement for the Cowboys in the first half. They are behind the Texans 14-3.


Cowboys vs. Texans: Game Day Open Thread

The last, I say the last, preseason game of 2013! Real football is only a week away, but first, the battle of the down-roster guys. Enjoy.

Defensive Roster Battles To Watch For The Cowboys


It's the last chance for the staff to evaluate the players on the bubble, and the players' last chance to impress. Here are some names who bear watching.

Cowboys vs. Texans: What's Left To Fight For?


This is the game when the starters get to kick up their heels, the rotation guys might see a little time, but the down roster guys have everything to play for. Who are we keeping an eye on?

Game Time, TV Schedule, Online Streaming, More...


The Dallas Cowboys final game of the 2013 preseason will be played tonight. Here are some ways to watch it or listen to it.

Tanney Or Armstrong: Cowboys Can't Keep Both


With the cut to 75 done, the Dallas Cowboys now look to the battles for the last few roster spots. Sometimes, the battles are not within a position group, but deciding how many to keep at different...

Game Review Of Cowboys Defense (First Half)


The Dallas Cowboys suffered on defense last year and as a result went with a whole new scheme and regime for 2013. How did it look on Saturday night?

Game Review Of Cowboys Offense (First Half)


A careful review of the Bengals game, concentrating on each individual play, reveals how the Cowboys first-half offense did in the last preseason game.

Did Cowboys Playcalling Really Make A Difference?


It was one of the media obsessions during the offseason. Jason Garrett gave up the playcalling duties (or had them stripped from him). So what impact did that really have on the Cowboys in the...

With Cuts Looming, Cowboys Face Decision On Tanney


The Dallas Cowboys are not only looking at what players to keep this season, but how to allocate the positions on the 53-man roster. The decision at quarterback is being made more complicated by...

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