Advanced NFL Stats: Must read OL analysis

The results of the analysis were surprising. Most correlations between OL salary and performance were weak or non-significant, but there was an unmistakable pattern to the results. In general, higher total cap dollars allotted to the OL correlated with worse performance, while higher median salaries correlated with better performance.... Higher median salaries correlate with better performance while total salaries correlate with poorer performance... The pattern indicates that a robust offensive line corps is better than having several star linemen interspersed and backed-up by bottom tier linemen... That's why how a line is built appears more important than how much is spent building it....

Mike Pereira on replacement officials

Mike Pereira on replacement officials

Mike Pereira calls blown interception call in Cowboys Chargers game the worst call of the pre season so far On the Colin Cowherd radio show this morning, Mike Pereira commented on the poor quality of officiating by the replacement officials employed by the NFL. When asked about the worst call he has seen so far he referenced the personal foul called against San Diego when Andre Holmes was hit helmet to helmet. As we know, the play resulted in an interception which was allowed to stand, even though it resulted from the penalty. Perreira said that if that crew had done that in the regular season under his management, the entire crew would have been suspended. I am so excited to have this level of incompetence managing the NFL product. The league must be very proud.

He has plenty of work to do. Obviously he is a rookie and this was his NFL debut so Morris is just...

He has plenty of work to do. Obviously he is a rookie and this was his NFL debut so Morris is just getting his feet wet. He played at right and left corner where he was targeted twice and beaten twice, but for just for 8 and 5 yards a piece. He didn't play the full first half and wasn't tested a lot, large in part to Chargers running and checking down the ball a lot. The pass rush even without Ware definitely seemed make Rivers uncomfortable. This is a very small sample size but you can already see some things he needs to work on. The biggest - getting off blocks and also tackling, which he didn't always seem to make a concerted effort to do. This is one of the first videos I have made like this and I'm just getting the hang of some different editing tools. I hope you enjoyed.

China Doll Vick Hurt Again

Two preseason games played, two preseason games Michael Vick left with injury. Flag football anyone? Each time I see Vick hobble off the field, I have an increased appreciation for Tony Romo, and all he has done the past three seasons to play through injury and pain.

Drew Rosenhaus' Role in the Dez Bryant "Saga"

I feel like the world looks at Dez and sees this big ripe Target. He on the other hand comes off like this naive kid, who just can't get things figured out. I really hope he gets things figured out... and soon!

Scandrick's contract put into perspective: "Ravens' Cary Williams reportedly turned down $15M"

"The $5 million annual average in the Ravens' offer to Williams is identical to what Dallas Cowboys No. 3 cornerback Orlando Scandrick signed for last September. Williams (and Lillibridge) clearly believe they can do better with another season in a major role under his belt. "My philosophy on doing that was just having confidence in myself," Williams said of turning down the Ravens' offer. "I know myself, I know my ability. I know my work ethic. At the end of the day, the offer, I felt like I could always make that. I felt it wasn't good enough and my agent said it wasn't good enough. I love playing for the Ravens. I would love to be here, but right now we're just in the negotiation stage." Makes you wonder about Scandrick's belief in himself. He could have seen playing time his first year by switching to safety (to play the Star) but decided against it. Got the extension last year and played okay, but needs to improve.

Mario Butler

Found this on the mothership. The guy definitely makes some mistakes but is learning. I hope he makes the team, I think he's already better then what Walker or Ball was last year and he's already defended a pass so his stat is already better then Elam lol. Just to clarify I don't think versatility means much unless you can do the job.

An Overview of Football Statistics

Great post from Grantland's Bill Barnwell on football metrics. Major topics of discussion include an overview of some basic football metrics, a comparison with analytics in baseball, and the limits of using such methods. I hate to say, looking at a few of these, the Eagles might be primed for a much better season than 8-8 this year.

Dez Injured?

Anybody have more information?

Ware vs. Merriman? It's not close. Merriman waived by Bills.

There were many who gave the Cowboys grief for drafting DeMarcus Ware instead of Shawne Merriman, especially after Merriman's sack-filled rookie season. Now that Merriman is on waivers - again - anyone want to revisit that discussion?

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