"No Interest In" CJ2K

Sounds like Valley Ranch put the kibosh on the CJ2K to Dallas speculation. Why do sports writers get away with unfounded speculation and conjecture? Its astonishing.

Giants sign Ayers

The New York Giants have signed former Denver Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers. He previously visited the Cincinnati Bengals before meeting with the Giants on Tuesday.

Russell Wilson to throw out first pitch at Ranger's game

Wilson throws out the ceremonial first pitch for the Rangers in their 8:05 p.m. ET game against the Phillies. Why the Rangers? Back in December, Texas selected Wilson in MLB's Rule 5 Draft, which transferred his baseball rights from the Rockies to the Rangers. Since then, Wilson has been wearing a Rangers uniform almost as often as he's been wearing a Seahawks uniform.

Poll: Was Releasing DeSean Jackson the Right Move for the Eagles? - Bleeding Green Nation

Philthy fans evenly split on the release of DeSean. Given there are nothing but rumours to justify this, fans clearly giving Chip the benefit of the doubt.

Manziel's Post Pro Day interview

Personally, I wasnt high on him, but after hearing commentary on his pro day and his interview, I wouldnt be butt hurt if he ends up wearing The Star

Witten among the most versatile of all TEs

The word "versatile" has almost taken on new meaning when referencing tight ends as it once described a player capable of stretching the seam in the passing game while providing stellar in-line blocking in the running game. Times are changing as tight ends are often viewed as glorified wide receivers and "versatile" now refers to their ability to contribute to the passing game from a variety of angles. They still need to stretch the seam, but they’re also asked to win from the slot on option routes, out wide on slants and fades, and out of the backfield where they can often outrun linebackers.

College football to unionize

In a stunning ruling that has the potential to revolutionize college athletics, a federal agency said Wednesday that football players at Northwestern University can create the nation's first college athlete's union. The decision by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board means it agrees football players at the Big Ten school qualify as employees under federal law and therefore can legally unionize.

Our Community Mock Is Underway!


Emails were sent out yesterday to those chosen to be GMs. We are waiting for our Houston representative to give us the pick for the Texans now.

Ralph Wilson has passed away

I live in bills country so this is all I've heard about this afternoon. Was surprised I didn't see it here anywhere. So, in case you haven't heard...


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