Does this look like a safety to you?

He's looking pretty bulky, I dunno about wanting him as a FA...

If you are going to use $8M on a stop-gap at OLB..

If Dallas really is intent on not letting Butler take over at SOLB, I would much rather see them go after John Abraham than franchise Spencer. The guy got double digit sacks last year with almost no support and could be our Greg Ellis. He might be expensive but it beats franchising Spencer. If you are interested in Abraham, Raf just put up a post on his site about him and PFF has some nice things to say bout him.

Tyron Smith to LT

This isn't really news, but it is the first time I've seen someone reference JG when speaking about moving Tyron Smith to LT. Glad it's out there. Tyron is going to be a stud LT, and this only helps Doug Free... hopefully this takes him back to'09 '10 form.

Best of the 2nd tier FA CB's

Best of the 2nd tier FA CB's

Ok gentlemen and ladies (I love it that our 'Boys are so visual and loved that BTB has some very knowledgable coed fans!), but I digress. I was wondering which of the 2nd tier CB's the best? I think Carr/Finnegan/Grimes will cost too much, I personally like Terrell Thomas, but I have also been interested in Tracy Porter since he was drafted. My question is, based upon a lower overall cap hit, which of the remaining CB's is the best of the crop? Any thoughts? Also, can someone PLEASE educate this newb on the PROPER way to post a fanshot, because I always mess it up, when it comes to the heading, etc.

Local Store having Cowboys for Autographs, Should I?

Hey guys, should I pay 49$ for a DeMarco Murray autograph with only a lean in photo? I am not really a big fan of autographed stuff unless it was unique. I'd cherish the photo more.. but its only a lean in. Also There will be no JSA onsite, does that matter? Also It doesn't say it here yet but Bob Lilly is coming at a later date for cheaper and less restrictions I defn should go get his right? I mean as a Cowboy fan its law, right? They have other Cowboys but its drop off item only and to me that is the biggest rip off possible. Just wanted to hear your guys opinions on autographs, prices, photos, young players etc.. Thanks!

Carl Nicks expects to make more than Jahri Evans

Jahri Evans inked a 7 year $56.5 million deal back in 2010. Nicks, the better of the two players should get a better deal. Don't know if the Saints can afford to bring him back and re-sign Drew Brees at the same time.

Discussion of Romo's Leadership Qualities

Take it for what it is worth. Standard Caveats Apply.

DeMarcus Ware's Reaction to Jason Hatcher

Public statement met with public statement. I'll say it again; I wish it were all in house.

Stanford Routt signs with Chiefs

3yrs 19.6 millions, 4 million signing bonus

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