Mock Draft v0.5

  1. CB Janoris Jenkins
  2. DT Alameda Ta'amu
  3. FS George Iloka
  4. CB Josh Robison
  5. QB B.J. Coleman

Mock Draft v0.4 [Sign Scott Wells (C) / A. Spencer (OLB)]

  1. CB Janoris Jenkins
  2. DE Billy Winn
  3. FS George Iloka
  4. CB Josh Robinson
  5. CB Asa Jackson

Free Agents Cowboys Can Sign ( * = Starter)

  1. *G Carl Nicks (Saints)
  2. *C Scott Wells (Packers)
  3. T Anthony Collins (Bengals)
  4. CB Corey Graham (Bears)
  5. MLB Larry Grants (49ers)

Mock Draft v0.3

  1. OG David DeCastro
  2. FS George Iloka
  3. CB Jamell Fleming
  4. WR/KR Joe Adams
  5. DE/DT Akiem Hicks

MOCK DRAFT: Assuming Cowboys sign Free Agent CB

  1. OG David DeCastro
  2. OLB Bruce Irving
  3. QB Brandon Weeden
  4. FS Tramain Thomas
  5. DT Akiem Hicks

Those few deserving (wanted to add two more but couldn't figure out how to).

  1. Tony Romo you never stopped hustling and yelling to get your guys back on the line.
  2. Felix Jones even with your horrific miss you still fought hard the whole night for this team.
  3. Dez Bryant for fighting for every extra inch you could get whenever you caught the ball.
  4. Sean Lee for that awesome standup you put on Jacobs did my heart good as an obnoxious fan to see
  5. Jay Ratliff for continuing to quietly show why you are going to the Pro Bowl. Sweet batted pass! And The extra two that didn't fit: Ware(2 sacks) and Jenkins(3rd down stop)

This season's Five Close Losses Under Rob Ryan

  1. at NY Jets: Yes Tony Romo took some of the blame, but RR's defense should have bailed him out.
  2. VS Detroit: Again we have a failure to bail out Tony Romo.
  3. at New England: We failed to stop Tom Brady from a 4th quarter comeback.
  4. at Arizona: We failed to stop the Cardinals in overtime. If we did, Dan Bailey maybe has another shot at the win.
  5. VS NY Giants: Had 5:52 on the clock and gave up 15 points.

Who are you? Jason Garrett

  1. It was JG last year that called the play against the Skins. The T Choice, before half play. Then let Wade take the heat.
  2. It was you JG that made Dez return punts, when he needed reps at WR. After the season was lost.
  3. It was you JG that played Kitna when McGee needed experience.
  4. It was you JG that didnt give your team the opportunity against New England to win.
  5. But last Sunday after one of your biggest screw ups. You refuse once again to take blame. Instead you throw the offence under the bus.

Mock Draft: Cowboys 15th Pick (If the season ended today)

  1. OG David DeCastro - Stanford
  2. DE/DT Billy Winn - Boise State
  3. CB Asa Jackson - Cal Poly
  4. FS Trent Robinson - Michigan State
  5. WR Joe Adams - Arkansas

LSU vs Alabama: Who to watch?

  1. CB Morris Claiborne: LSU (6-0, 185)
  2. CB Dre Kirkpatrick: Alabama (6-2, 192)
  3. SS Mark Barron: Alabama (6-2, 220)
  4. ILB Dont’a Hightower: Alabama (6-4, 260)
  5. DT Josh Chapman: Alabama (6-1, 310)
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