its my Birthday


wish me a happy b-day here did not get much but i did not really want much all in all a great day

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Sterling Xie Gets Realistic About Tony Romo (With Support)


No one should sweep Romo's aforementioned gaffes under the rug, because they were undeniably crushing errors in big situations. But he is far from the only quarterback to commit those errors, and the evidence shows that not only is Romo an excellent quarterback overall, he is also generally excellent in "clutch" circumstances. With an aging roster and a tight cap situation, the Cowboys' window of contention may be closed. Just don't blame Tony Romo for the entire Dallas organization's underachievement.

RALLY TOWELS ON HAND for DEN Game ~~ We trying to be Steelers?


The roof is scheduled to be closed and end zone doors are scheduled to be open. Please note that this can change up to 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Rally towels will be placed at each seat, courtesy of AT&T and the Dallas Cowboys. Don't miss Rally Day at AT&T Stadium on Monday, October 7. For details, visit

Dallas Cowboys Press Release

Help! In Brazil and can't watch Cowboys!!


Does anyone know how I can watch the game live online? I'm in Brazil on business and the only football here is futbol. They have an "irish pub" here but it's only televising the Texas v Ravens!! I have Sunday ticket but since I'm not on US soil... I'm SOL. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



We love how loud you were during the entire home opener, but you don't need to hear it from us. Watch what our players have to say about the energy you brought against the Giants. Let's keep it going against the Rams, and for every home game this season, to give our Cowboys a true home field advantage. TOUCHDOWN! When you get done high-fiving and celebrating after a Cowboys touchdown, look up at the video board and follow along to our post-touchdown celebration. Yell "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!" as loud as you can. We want to thank you for the seamless execution of the flag wave on September 8th. It's an incredible display of both our star and our fans. You are helping make AT&T Stadium a special place to watch a game.

Dallas Cowboys Press Release

Danny Coale to Indy's Practice Squad


With Da'Rick Rogers added to #Colts active roster, the team has signed Danny Coale to the practice squad. With DAL practice squad in 2012.

— Greg Rakestraw (@gregrakestraw) September 19, 2013 Twitter

Jason Garrett blamed for 2010's slow start


It might be Jason Garrett and his lack of desire to establish an offensive balance or identity. First post jump line written by former BTB Martin Long

Fan of other kinds of Cowboys and want to see AT&T Stadium?


PBR Iron Cowboy V Saturday, March 1, 2014 Twenty-four of the world's best bull riders are placed into a bracket where they go head-to-head until only one rider remains. Don't miss this exciting event! The American Rodeo Sunday, March 2, 2014 The American is the largest and richest one day rodeo in the history of the sport. The event is going to showcase the top 10 contestants in the world, in each event, roping, riding and racing. Two great events in one weekend at AT&T Stadium! Tickets will go on sale to the general public on Monday, September 16th at 10:00am.

Dallas Cowboys Public Relations and MArketing Office



Anything special going on at the stadium pregame, we will be there , but just wondering what time we should head over!!!

Who plays special teams?


Who plays special teams during punts? What type of players are in and where do they line up? I'm just trying to get an idea of the players that will be in the game in those situations.

Not a quote - just a question
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