1 manager needed for BTB keeper league

Hello BTB. We have 11 teams back for our keeper league and got a nice legacy started but we need 1 new manager. If you are interested in claiming the team, post your email below. This is a multiyear league so be ready to commit. Below are the league rules and the roster. Roster: QB: Flacco, Vick. RB: R. Bush, M. Forte, F. Jackson, L. Blount. WR: R. White, AJ Green, M. Austin, M. Williams, L. Robinson. TE: B. Celek. K: Akers. D: Cincinati, San Diego. Rules: 1. We keep 6 skill position (QB, RB, WR, or TE) players each year. We are only allowed to keep the number of players a manager would be allowed to start in a given week. Our skill position starting lineup is as follows: QB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex RB/WR, and Flex RB/WR/TE. 2. Skill position keepers will be slotted into the first 6 picks of one’s draft (the first 6 rounds). To help out bad teams, fewer than 6 players can be kept. For each keeper waved an additional pick will be awarded at the end of the 7th round (the 7th round is the first round where live drafting begins). 3. A manager may keep a D/ST with their 11th round pick and a K with their 13th. 4. Players available for IR must be injured. Players available for IR must also be players whom you drafted, traded for, or whom you picked up and had on your team at least 4 weeks. A player on IR can not return to your active team. 5. Unresponsive owner rule: If a team is inactive for 3 weeks in a row, the owner will be notified through email and given a length of time to respond regarding whether or not they would like to retain their team. After that time period, a team owner may be replaced.

Jason Witten, Master of the Option Route : Smart Football

A technical explanation of why Witten is able to catch so many passes every season - his mastery of the option route. On the grantland site

Jason Witten, Master of the Option Route - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Starting Fantasy League.

Looking for active people who will play all year. IF you're interested just leave your email thanks.

New name for the stadium

AT&T Stadium ... home of the Cowboys

Michael Irvin tells the "truth" about the media and his own network

Today on NFLN, Michael Irvin appeared as a correspondent on Inside Training Camp Live. When host Andrew Siciliano asked him about the expectations for Tony Romo in 2013, Irvin, without being too direct, implied that the media has a bias against the Cowboys QB. Below is a transcript of part of that conversation:

Siciliano: "How is Romo different this year in this offense? Bill Callahan is calling the plays now, but let's talk about how that affects the quarterback. He had leads in the fourth quarter last year that the defense couldn't hold. Is he in a better position to win now that things have changed a bit in play calling?"

Irvin: Drew, you know, you sure 'they' don't mind you doing this? Because you just gave Tony Romo a compliment in the studio and that's not something that comes out of..."

Siciliano jokingly interjects: "I'll be called to the office later."

Irvin continues: "...Culver City much. Exactly now. Don't want you to get any demerits for doing that stuff. So be careful, I might add, to give you the truth here."

NFL Network's Inside Training Camp Live

Lawrence Vickers Released!

The Dallas Cowboys released fullback Lawrence Vickers today. Vickers appeared in all 16 games for Dallas in 2012 with six starts. He finished the season with three rushes for 11 yards, 13 catches for 104 yards and two tackles on special teams. He originally signed with Dallas on March 14, 2012.

Dallas Cowboys Press Release


How do you make comments green?

New Addition to Roster According to Pro Football Talk?

Cowboys WR Derek Dooley says WR Dez Bryant has been "blessed with rare talent." (And the time has come for Bryant to get the most out of it.)

BTB made it on First Take today

They discussed the draft board compilation.


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